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Dr. Love(less) he don't need no office life

February 14th, 2020

Robin Shea at Constangy

The past two years, Robin Shea at Constangy has been kind enough to share her interview with Dr. Loveless, renowned advice columnist to . . . those of us who chose the office life. And sometimes those who don't. As long as it pays. Whatever.

This year, Amour De Docteur takes a shot at diagnosing:

  • how not to get called into HR for sexual harassment because "call you soon" means something different to your work colleague 
  • lookback LGBT discrimination
  • live-in relationship: commitment, sleeping dogs lying around or nepotism?
  • is a JD a real doctor, loveless or not?
  • suspicion.

(Yes, the title of this blog is an actual line from the lyrics of "Dr. Love" by heavy glam metal disco ballad rock band Kiss.)

Religious holidays - what to do, how to do it and a calendar

March 25th, 2019

Valerie Ferrier at FordHarrison

For those of you who know the holidays and where they fall on the calendar for nine, yes 9, different religions, please move on to your celebration of Ken Day (as in Barbie, and did you know his last name is Carson?) or Earmuff Day or National Coconut Torte Day.

For the rest of us, please click through so Valerie Ferrier can help and FordHarrison can send you the calendar.

And just in case you also want a daily wall calendar of non-religious, slightly unique holidays (not nearly as helpful as Valerie's calendar, but how embarrassing to miss National Baked Scallops Day – which was yesterday).

If Saint Valentine had a workplace romance policy what would it be

February 13th, 2019

Emily Reber at Troutman Sanders

Workplace relationships don't work, at least for the workplace.

But they are going to happen anyway, so Emily Reber provides some policy options: prohibiting, discouraging and requiring disclosure (love contracts).

Workplace romance red (heart-shaped) flags

March 12th, 2019

Emily Fullerton at Schwabe

Workplace romance - flirting, unwanted gifts, and scheduling someone just because they are single, unmarried or childless - can cause problems for managers, supervisors and employees. Emily Fullerton helps you keep Cupid, and lawsuits, at bay whether it is Valentine's Day or not.

Super Bowl 2019 at the Office

February 4th, 2019

Fisher Phillips

The Super Bowl is near, which means so are some workplace issues that you are going to be dealing with, regardless of your allegiance to team, half-time performer or just all of the food.

Fisher Phillips helps you with your HR game plan so you aren't depending on your two-minute drill or just tossing a Hail Mary, covering:

  • gambling in the workplace
  • productivity
  • dress codes
  • attendance/absences


One of our favorites, Robin Shea, invites you into her Christmas HR world with a Christmas-themed quiz featuring:

  • Santa
  • Bob Cratchit
  • circumnavigating the globe in one evening in a sleigh pulled by reindeer
  • Ralphie
  • Rudolph
  • Baby It's Cold Outside
  • The Grinch.

Thanks Robin!

And to all a good night!

List 10 Up: Top ten holiday party tips

December 19th, 2018

Michael Schmidt at Cozen O'Connor


Michael Schmidt presents a Top 10 list of thoughts to minimize problems at your company's upcoming holiday party and for good measure discusses employers suing (for negative online reviews) and being sued (by an employee who signed a release)

Holiday party what-would-you-dos

December 18th, 2018

Robin Shea at Constangy

Real life scenario 1: A very high-performing, squeaky clean employee drinks too much at the holiday party and tries to kiss a colleague.

Real life scenario 2: A colleague / mentee / impressionable underling asks if it is a career-limiting move not to attend a "dreaded company holiday party".

Discuss (if with yourself, we recommend pretending you are on the phone so people will accept your discussion with the ether).

Now grade yourself against the expert, Robin Shea.

Save the Office Holiday Party

January 8th, 2019


The primary barrier to a holiday office party is:

  1.  booze
  2. dietary restrictions
  3. White Elephant gift exchange
  4. deciding who to invite: vendors/significant others/kids/pets/foreign exchange students/HR (which is why we usually plan the party) 
  5. #MeToo
  6. the boss insists on showing up
  7. money
  8. too busy
  9. Instagram
  10. karaoke


For tools, tips, techniques, a quiz, and some TV... read more

Carnac the Magnificent says – Politicussin

December 5th, 2018

Aaron Warshaw at Ogletree Deakins

What happens when political discussions in the workplace have not been addressed before the discussions get political.

Political discussions at work are a minefield at any time. Add one part holiday party, two parts booze and maybe an off-site location, mix thoroughly and you may have yourself a politicussin'.

Aaron Warshaw provides 6 FAQs and their answers so nothing progresses past politiscussions.

  1. common concerns
  2. First Amendment protections
  3. political discussions gone bad
  4. name-calling based on race or national origin
  5. limiting or monitoring social media accounts
  6. policies limiting political discussions

Depression – what can an employer do?

November 21st, 2018


Depression is an illness. Depression can be treated. Depression should not be ignored.

And the holidays can carry lots of triggers: sentimental memories, loneliness, less sunlight, changes in diet/routine, alcohol at parties, end-of-year timelines at work, unrealistic expectations.

What can you, as an employer, do?

Read "What to Say (and Not Say) When an Employee Is Depressed" from Suzanne Lucas, aka Evil HR Lady, where she provides some answers, including:

  • What do you say?
  • What are things you should not say?
  • What can you do to support an employee with depression?
  • How can you accommodate employees with depression?

Holiday stew – ingredients for a happy and non-litigious holiday

December 17th, 2018


Holiday stew – we all have our own recipe, but the base is almost always the same: booze, mistletoe and a generous pinch of unapproved time off. And be sure you don't have enough time to prepare or clean up.

Join Gary Wheeler and Lori Mans for an hour as they provide the ingredients and know-how to help you salvage your holiday stew, including 1/2 half dry cup Secret Santa, 2 - 3 jiggers holiday party(s) - adjust accordingly, 1 medium ugly sweater, 14 oz box decorations (workplace or workspace, depending on your preference), enough year-end bonus calculation to make your eyes water

My holiday stew was oyster stew that my Mom made for Christmas Eve. Never did learn why.

Costumes, booze and the Great Pumpkin – beware the office Halloween party

October 25th, 2018

Adam Gutmann

Who doesn't like a good party? Who doesn't like spending work time not working? Who doesn't like eating embarrassing amounts of candy? Adam Gutmann helps you sort out what you want (Milk Duds, Twizzlers, Starbursts) from what you don't (pencils, Almond Joys (come on, that is an acquired taste), Necco Wafers) when it comes to Halloween in the workplace, including:  

Help hiring holiday help here

October 9th, 2018

John Monroe and Kristina Griffin at FordHarrison

As you can tell by the “seasonal” aisle of your local drug store, holiday season has begun! The seemingly endless stretch of celebrations from October to January brings with it a whole cornucopia of HR issues – including the use of seasonal workers.

Your personal guides / goblins / gobblers / elves, John Monroe and Kristina Griffin, have five basic practices that will get you to the other side of January.

  1. I-9
  2. review timekeeping
  3. local PTO and benefits
  4. how long do you expect them to hang around
  5. train everybody.

Only 90 days until we flip the calendar. You're welcome.

Year-end or holiday incentives

October 24th, 2018



Year-end or holiday incentives – you need to know the rules: … First rule: make the winner penguin-happy.


June 12th, 2018


The summer can bring up several employment issues, including discipline and dress code violations, but one of the biggest issues is just getting employees to show up! With holidays and vacations, warmer summer months often result in lower attendance, which can translate to a loss in productivity. Time off requests also pose a lot of administrative problems, and employers should be sure to enforce a clear policy to ensure fairness. 

The following sample policy can help you get started.