Year-end or holiday incentives

October 24th, 2018


Year-end or holiday incentives – you need to know the rules: … First rule: make the winner penguin-happy.

Dr. Love(less) he don't need no office life
Religious holidays - what to do, how to do it and a calendar
If Saint Valentine had a workplace romance policy what would it be
Workplace romance red (heart-shaped) flags
Super Bowl 2019 at the Office
Workplace Christmas Quiz (this is legit and will secondarily eat up some time before you get to go home)
List 10 Up: Top ten holiday party tips
Holiday party what-would-you-dos
Save the Office Holiday Party
Carnac the Magnificent says – Politicussin
Depression – what can an employer do?
Holiday stew – ingredients for a happy and non-litigious holiday
Costumes, booze and the Great Pumpkin – beware the office Halloween party
Help hiring holiday help here
UPDATED minimum wage chart!
OR Required break for a meal. Period.
Employers covered by the FLSA
IL Wage history ban FAQs from the houses mouth
DOL changes overtime equation
Overview of the FLSA
IL Salary history ban faqs just roll on
IL Artificial hiring, salary history, required training, etc.
PEO – back-office balm or toothpaste dispersant?
Look past the laws (pudding) and understand the regs (Oreo)
NY 11 employment laws you missed if you blinked (not 10)
Wages and hours – a simple audit
Nursing mothers, employers and the DOL – discuss
IL Tidal wave (or tsunami) of new laws for Illinois employers
Make your workplace a SUE-free zone
IL/Chicago – Post work schedules or Pay(ton)
MN I gotta do what?
Summertime and HR - dress codes, office picnics, manning the grill
Gift cards, taxes and the WABAC Machine
Employees are volunteers if . . .
Paying Tipped Employees
Why You Should Care About Employment Law
2019 minimum wage chart
Overtime, daylight savings time and circadian rhythyms
401(k) plan + payroll provider = 401k good things
Are the new DOL opinion letters like noses?
I've changed my name – to Optimus Prime
Should you give your employees a little Slack – or do they have enough already?
Bet employers must make: call and raise your minimum wage
The six step DOL audit polka
Non-exempt employees – what counts as wages?
Remote workers and the remote control
Punch clock
It’s only a matter of overtime