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    Rosanna Matucan-Carson, SPHR, GPHR
, Manager, Human Resources
 at Bausch & Lomb, Clearwater, Florida

    From Our Blog

    MO - The weed du jour - marijuana médicale

    November 8th, 2018 by Lauren Sobaski at Fisher Phillips

    Lauren Sobaski provides seven next-steps which boil down to revise, DOT?, review, train, accommodate Revise employee handbooks and drug-testing policies Determine applicable DOT regulations Review any federal government contracts Train managers to identify marijuana impairment Train managers for conversations with employees regarding medical marijuana Carefully consider medical marijuana-related accommodation requests. Read More

    Biometrics in the workplace - not a measure of bios accumulated by an employee

    November 7th, 2018 by Karen Glickstein at Polsinelli

    Biometrics in the workplace because it is scary for employers; it is scary for employees, it provides an additional level of security, it means taking steps to make sure you don't get sued, it requires implanting "a-device-that-you-won't-even-notice" in the forehead of each employee. Karen Glickstein provides a list of seven YDGs...Read More

    Thanks-giving isn't just about turkeys - include the good employees too

    November 6th, 2018 by Bobbi Britton Tucker at Cozen O'Connor

    The turkey at Thanksgiving is kind of like that one person at work that you can't seem to get through to - you spend way too much time focused on both. But there is more to Thanksgiving than a bird (football, stretch pants, leftovers) that was almost our national symbol, just...Read More

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