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 at Bausch & Lomb, Clearwater, Florida

    From Our Blog

    "Moms in the Workplace" quiz!

    May 10th, 2019 by Robin Shea at Constangy

    My Mom quiz experience had a "Groundhog Day" quality to it: the same quiz every time, one question, yes/no. "Didn't I tell you to clean your room?" Bill Murray eventually learned to play the piano, right? Robin Shea helps us celebrate our Moms with a six-question, open book, multiple choice quiz with...

    Obesity - disability, impairment, disease? Depends

    May 8th, 2019 by Melissa Legault at Squire Patton Boggs

    The American Medical Association has officially recognized obesity as a disease. The EECO takes the position that obesity is an impairment under the ADA under some, but not all, circumstances. Many courts have concluded that physical characteristics, such as obesity, are not considered disabilities under the ADA. Melissa Legault helps you weigh...

    Temperance in the workplace

    May 7th, 2019 by hrsimple

    We’ve talked at length about the issues of dealing with alcohol in the workplace, but here is a new take: how does an employer deal with a non-drinker? While it seems like a no brainer, we all know that nothing in the employment law world is as black and white...

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