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Effective March 26, 2020

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Coronavirus – Jaws or Y2K*? For you the employer, for you the HR Director, for you the person in charge of paid leave and benefits and payroll and who everyone turns to when no one knows what to do: is COVID-19 much ado about nothing or will you need a bigger boat? If you answered...

Vacation policies and time off

Not all employers provide employees with vacation time, but for those who do it is wise to have a clear, well-enforced policy in place to prevent confusion and help employees understand what steps need to be followed in order to use their time off. If employers decide to to provide...


Emerging from a Crisis as a Stronger, More Resilient Team

Any crisis can amplify team dysfunction, but it also is an opportunity to build resilience. Employers must create a community of belonging, engagement, and support in the workplace, especially during a crisis.  During this session, you will learn:  -how to avoid dysfunctions that thrive during a crisis  -tips to...