Back to work

June 16th, 2020 hrsimple

Here we go folks, the time you have been anxiously waiting for the last 100 some odd days is here, it’s time to get back to work. While every state is requiring different things at different times, we noticed a few common themes employers should reflect on as you plan your big return

Illinois provides model for newly required anti-harassment training

June 12th, 2020 Peter Gillespie at Laner Muchin

Illinois Provides Model for Newly Required Anti-Harassment Training In 2019, Illinois required employers to provide annual sexual harassment prevention training to all Illinois employees. This requirement also applies to employers based in other states that have one or more employees working remotely in Illinois or working at a customer’s worksite in Illinois...

Required poster – Families First Coronavirus Response Act

June 15th, 2020 Julie Pace at Gammage & Burnham

The DOL issued the Families First Coronavirus Act poster this morning. Covered employers must post this notice today in a conspicuous place with its other employment law posters. If you do electronic posting of other employment posters, post this poster electronically. DOL also issued guidance stating that the leave requirements are effective April 1, 2020.


June 16th, 2020 hrsimple

Coronavirus – Jaws or Y2K*?

For you the employer, for you the HR Director, for you the person in charge of paid leave and benefits and payroll and who everyone turns to when no one knows what to do: is COVID-19 much ado about nothing or will you need a bigger boat?

If you answered bigger boat, below is a list of articles, blogs, podcasts, briefings and audio files from our authors, Chambers of Commerce we work with, the Centers for Disease Control, the EPA, recognized experts in HR and others.

Click the state name for material specific to you. The state is followed by the author(s) of the resources and/or contact in case you have a pressing legal need.

*For those of you around for the changing of the millennia, Y2K was a synonym for the upcoming computer apocalypse, which would in turn cause the meltdown of the workplace as we knew it. Until it was the new millennia. And then it wasn't an apocalypse or a meltdown.

For those of you around in 1975, there was this shark, a big shark, but you figured Robert Shaw and Roy Scheider (and Richard Dreyfuss to a lesser extent) could handle it. Until Roy saw the shark.

Ten steps for employers to consider during the coronavirus outbreak

June 15th, 2020 Kathy Speaker MacNett at SkarlatosZonarich

Employers are asking what measures should be implemented in response to the Coronavirus – COVID-19 outbreak.  Some are even questioning if they need a separate Coronavirus policy for their employees. Consider instead utilizing the employment laws and established Human Resources tools already in place, and supplementing with additional policies applicable to this crisis and future health care crises, only as needed.

The Coronavirus has caused some 3,800 deaths as of this writing; and continues to spread causing wide-spread concern inside and outside of the workplace.  Employers can and should implement positive steps, without causing panic. 

Kathy Speaker MacNett recommends consideration of the following ten steps: