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Ask our Attorneys Anything


Laner Muchin attorneys Peter Gillespie and Katherine Stryker take HR-related questions from the audience for an hour in this month's session.

We cover topics such as:
– What to do when a salaried employee runs out of PTO
– Lawful termination of an employee in a protected class
– Marijuana use in the workplace
– What to do when employees are coming to work knowingly sick
– What determines if an employee is full-time vs part-time
– and much more!

**Disclaimer this should not be taken as legal advice. 

This webinar is part of hr|simple’s monthly employment law webinar series for employers and HR professionals. When you purchase any of our HR manuals, you get free access to this series for a year. 
Link to purchase your state-specific manual:
Online subscriptions are $159/year with code
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Contact the attorneys
Peter Gillespie  
Katherine Stryker