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Employee Handbook Updates for 2023


Presented by: Fisher Phillips attorney Mimi Nguyen
Hosted by: Amy Tripp, hr|simple

In this month's session, in this month's session, attendees learned employee handbook policy updates for 2023 and general best practices of creating and updating employee handbooks. 

Some areas of focus included:

  • Recommended organization of handbooks

  • Differences in single state vs multi-state employers

  • Overview of new employee handbook policies for 2023

  • Timekeeping and payroll practices

  • 2023 Updates to Company Benefits Policies:

    • Paid Holidays

    • Vacation PTO

    • Paid Sick Leave

  • 2023 Updates to Leaves of Absence Policies:

    • Medical Leave

    • Bereavement Leave

  • 2023 Updates to Employee Conduct Policies

    • Alcohol and Drug Policy

    • Workplace Violence Policy

  • 2023 Updates to Information Technology

  • Arbitration Agreements


Click here to download a copy of the slides.


This webinar is part of hr|simple’s monthly employment law webinar series for employers and HR professionals. When you purchase any of our HR manuals, you get free access to this series for a year. 

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