Hiring, firing and discipline - a simple audit


The following list of questions should serve as an introduction to a number of fundamental employment law concepts, and the answers to each question will.....continue

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NY Reporting immigration status can be unneighborly . . . at best


Recent New York Legislation Prohibits Employers From Threatening to Report an Employee's Suspected Immigration Status in Retaliation for Labor Law Complaints New York has for.....continue

How to Address an Unflattering Video of an Employee


Memo for Unflattering Social Media Content A PR statement employers may want to save for a rainy day. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: TBD (embargo.....continue

Why You Should Care About Employment Law


Common Pitfalls for Emerging Companies Founders of emerging companies are often first-time employers and find themselves having to wade through the dense patchwork of state.....continue

Written warnings and the FAQs they spawn


The DOs and DON’Ts of Written Warnings: What Employers Need to Know Ursula A. Kienbaum Employers frequently use written warnings as.....continue

Holiday party what-would-you-dos


This blog was written by Robin Shea at Constangy, which authors our Model Policies and Forms for Georgia Employers and our New Jersey Human.....continue

Cursing, surfing, weapons, gadgets – illegal, inappropriate or OK?


It happens in almost every workplace almost every day: somebody swears or is on an iffy website or is carrying a knife (or worse) or.....continue

HR for Safety Professionals: What Every Safety Professional Must Know about Employment Law and HR


Effective safety management is intertwined with “HR” issues. The safety professional works with HR on job descriptions, employee safety orientation and training, supervisor development, safety-related.....continue