Employment and Risk Management in Todays’ Environment

Presented by Julie Pace and Heidi Nunn-Gilman at Gammage & Burnham
Hosted by hrsimple

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of new questions and challenges for employers. “Reopening the Economy” raises a new and different set of issues for employers to address as they return workers to the workforce, reduce teleworking, implement physical distancing, masks, and temperature checks, and make other adjustments. We will review the latest updates and you will be able to ask questions about this evolving area. Join Employment, OSHA, Construction, Corporate and Litigation Attorneys Julie Pace and Heidi Nunn-Gilman as they share strategies and tools to help employers successfully navigate the new challenges, scenarios and opportunities.

At this program, you will learn about:

  • Payroll Consequences and the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act” (FFCRA) and the Employer Tax Credit for the Two Emergency Leaves
  • Paid sick leave, PTO, Vacation and discretionary unpaid leave for employees
  • Addressing Employee Who Do Not Want to Return to Work
  • Addressing Charge of Discrimination and Complaints by Employees
  • Payroll Protection Program Loan and what it can be used for, timeline to spend, accounting of loan, and options for forgiveness of loan.
  • Considerations in Returning Employees to Work after Furlough
  • Whether and How to Continue Teleworking Arrangements and Best Practices for Teleworking
  • Wage and Hour and Safety Implications of Teleworking Arrangements
  • Practical Tips, Precautions and Communications to Employees with Specifics Depending on the Industry and Completing Best Practices Training with Field and Office Employees
  • Infectious Disease and Preparedness and Response Plan for Now and In the Future
  • Protocols and Notices to Implement for Facilities, Employees and Third parties when Positive COVID-19 Test Arises
  • Self-Certification and Questions That Can Be Asked before Allowing Workers on Jobsite
  • OSHA safety rules and OSHA 300 Log
  • Real-Life Scenarios of Employment Situations and Talking Points

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