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Telecommuting — Pennsylvania

Telecommuting is a workplace option that permits employees to work at an alternative worksite, such as the home, for one or more days per week. Partial or total substitution of telecommuting for an employee’s daily commute to work has been made possible largely through the use of computer technology. Although the term was coined in 1973, the concept is now being used by large and small companies alike, which has advantages for both employer and employee.

In March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic created an urgent need for businesses and their employees to start or increase working from home. Telecommuting or remote work has become so popular that the challenge for many companies is how to get employees to come back to the office. Many pundits think that the rise of remote work will result in a fundamental alteration of the workplace, the decline of many urban areas, and changing parenting roles far into the future.

The telecommuting “virtual office” might consist of a phone, laptop computer, facsimile and/or scanner and voicemail capabilities. Since these items are now widely available and affordable to most employees and companies, employees can work virtually anywhere. An employer offering remote work as...

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