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Table of contents

Public employers — Pennsylvania

Both federal and state laws govern the relationship between a public employer and its employees. Consequently, it is important for employers to have an awareness of such laws. This chapter is designed to give public employers a brief synopsis of whether the public employer-employee relationship is covered by each law and what the substance of that coverage is. Public employers are encouraged to review each specific chapter in its entirety for a comprehensive discussion of the federal and state laws affecting their relationship with their employees.

Employment at-will doctrine

Certain public employees are excluded from the employment-at-will doctrine because of statutorily-mandated systems, such as the merit system.

See Recruiting and hiring, for a more in-depth discussion of at-will employment.

Work authorization

Just as private sector employees are required to complete I-9 forms attesting to their authorization to work in the United States, so are Pennsylvania’s public employees. See Immigration, for a more in-depth discussion of immigration issues.

Wage and hour laws

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets forth standards for minimum...

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