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Posting requirements

Many federal and state laws require that employers post notices to their employees about various statutory rights and obligations. The penalties for failure to display the posters may be mild (such as being ordered to post them), moderate (a small fine) or severe (depriving the employers of affirmative defenses such as the statute of limitations if a claim is made).

Many employers attempt to satisfy their posting obligations by purchasing all-in-one type posters from a commercial service. Such posters usually cover the basic laws applicable to almost all employers in the jurisdiction, but they may omit other postings that are legally required based on the employer’s size, status as a government contractor, industry, etc.  

Without intending to be comprehensive, the following chart expands significantly from the list of postings included by most of the commercial suppliers and offers website addresses where some of those postings can be obtained in languages other than English. The posters that are required of all Pennsylvania employer.

Federal posting requirements


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