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Table of contents

A Preface


This Pennsylvania Human Resources Manual was compiled specifically for employers doing business in Pennsylvania.  We are proud to have partnered with the authors at Cozen O’Connor, a law firm that has for many years been a proud member of the Chamber and a staunch supporter of our efforts to improve the business climate in Pennsylvania.  This manual is a product of the firm’s many years of experience, and provides you with access to the firm’s vast knowledge and expertise.  The authors have written an easy‑to‑read, easy‑to‑use, and readily understandable human resources manual.  We hope it will help you operate your business more efficiently and avoid the hidden pitfalls that lurk among the maze known as HR.

Targeted, timely and comprehensive, this manual is considered the cornerstone guide of the compliance library.  It covers more than twenty primary topics directly related to the employment process, from job descriptions through termination and beyond.  Each includes practical advice on what should be done, solid advice on how to do it and a complete explanation of why it is important.

This manual was not written as a response to employee-related problems, but to help you avoid them.  The guidelines and checklists will make...

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