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Recruiting and hiring — Pennsylvania


There are number of methods available for an employer to recruit job applicants in Pennsylvania, including the following:

  • internal job postings
  • employee referral programs
  • advertisements
  • postings on the Internet and through social media sites and mobile apps
  • the use of professional employment and temporary employment agencies
  • the use of the state job service program
  • recruitment programs at educational institutions and community organizations.

Job advertisements

Advertisements designed to attract candidates, whether designed for traditional media, the Internet or mobile apps, should be carefully drafted to avoid any indication of discrimination. Advertisements that are carelessly drafted may give rise to claims of discrimination, even unintentionally, if they refer to a protected class such as race, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability. For instance, an advertisement seeking “recent college graduates” or “young and energetic” people likely would be found to have a discriminatory effect against older persons. Similarly, language in an advertisement that specifies a physical ability required for the job (even something as seemingly innocent as a clear speaking voice or language proficiency) may be found to discriminate...

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