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Diversity in the workplace — Pennsylvania

We are now in the third decade of the 21st Century and it is becoming more and more apparent that the importance of diversity in the business world is accelerating. Diversity has taken on a new meaning as we move to a global economy at breakneck speed. Businesses should accept and foster diversity in the workplace to recognize the inherent benefits. Studies have shown that diversity, equity and inclusion programs have the potential to increase sales, expand their customer base and ultimately increase profits.

Definitions of diversity and affirmative action

Affirmative action generally refers to legal mandates to make affirmative efforts to employ and promote women and minorities. Diversity is a voluntary action stemming from recognition and appreciation for the differences in people and cultures.

Adjusting to diversity in the workplace means more than just accepting another person as they are and giving them the equal opportunity of employment. Diversity includes creating a cohesive culture within the workplace, by understanding the differences and similarities of each...

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