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Telecommuting — Texas

 Telecommuting is a workplace option that permits employees to work at an alternative worksite, such as the home, for one or more days per week. Modern technology, whether it involves using a smartphone (for example, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) or tablet computer (iPad, Nexus, Galaxy, etc.) or remotely logging in to the company’s computer system via a virtual private network (VPN), has made an employee’s daily commute to work virtually unnecessary. Although the term was coined in 1973 and initially faced slow acceptance, the concept is, in today’s world, being utilized by a majority of large and small companies alike, to great advantage to both employer and employee.  

The telecommuting “virtual office” might consist of a smartphone or tablet computer, notebook computer, facsimile and voicemail capabilities. Since all of these items are now available in portable sizes, employees can work virtually anywhere. Employers that offer telecommuting as an option for employees generally report the following benefits:

  • increased productivity
  • increased job satisfaction
  • reduced absenteeism
  • lower employee turnover
  • potential savings in fixed expenses such as office rental, utilities and employee parking