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Recruiting and hiring — Texas

The hiring process, from the initial posting of a position, internally and/or externally, through the final decision of whom to hire, is one of the most critical and potentially precarious, periods of the employer/employee relationship.

Various federal and state discrimination laws and regulations outline, as well as limit what an employer can and cannot ask, require and do throughout the hiring process. (See Discrimination.) Therefore, an employer should review its hiring practices, paying particular attention to both of the following crucial factors:

  1. the possible impact of questions the employer asks.
  1. the job requirements.

Recruiting external employees without inviting trouble

  1. Generate accurate job descriptions for each position that describe the essential and nonessential functions of the job.
  1. Use multiple sources with a wide reach for recruitment.
  1. Sanitize advertisement language. Delete references to physical or mental capabilities and other protected characteristics that are not specifically related to legitimate job qualifications.
  1. Include a brief equal employment opportunity (EEO) statement, essential job functions (from the job...

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