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Other types of leave — Texas

Personal days

“Personal days” are not required by law so, just as with vacations, employers have considerable flexibility in setting their policies unless there is a collective bargaining agreement or specific agreements with individual employees. Employers may provide personal days to employees in addition to or instead of vacation and/or sick leave to be used for personal reasons, for example, caring for a sick child, staying home to monitor home repairs, etc. However, in light of attendance concerns and the abundance of legally required time off, many employers choose not to provide yet another opportunity for employee absences. It may make even less sense to designate personal days as paid days off in view of the fact that most employees will then consider the benefit akin to vacation time, leaving only the most conscientious of employees to use the benefit only when truly needed.

If the employer elects to adopt a policy providing for paid or unpaid personal days, it is clearly helpful to have that policy in writing. The policy should explain how personal days are granted, the conditions for the use of such days and any limitations on when...

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