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Protecting electronic information — Texas

The Information Age is here to stay. The relative ease of using computers, smartphones (e.g., iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.), tablet computers, (e.g., iPad, Nexus, Galaxy, etc.) electronic mail, Internet and voicemail systems has created entirely new sets of employer-related problems and policy issues. Additionally, the relatively new phenomenon- known as “bring your own device” (BYOD), while potentially allowing employees easier access to the workplace, has created its own set of potential legal issues that employers must now contend with. To give your company a competitive edge, you need to learn to use technology appropriately while protecting your company from misuse.

Determine the business goals for your company and consider which of the many advantages of the Internet and email are appropriate for reaching these goals. For instance, technology can effectively be used for:

  • communication
  • research
  • marketing
  • sales/e-commerce
  • customer service
  • organization development, such as recruiting and training.

Then, develop a plan and policy for dealing with use of appropriate technology to achieve your business goals, taking into consideration human resources issues.

Email misuse

While many...

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