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Table of contents

An Introduction - Features of the HR Library

Employment laws are modified every year and staying up to date on all the changes can be a full-time job – and is, for human resources professionals and employers. For the experienced attorneys who write our books, this manual is a way to help businesses stay on the right side of employment law, minimize the risk of litigation and avoid costly penalties. This reference has been organized to fit your needs and outfitted with numerous features to help you make sure your policies and business practices are in compliance with the law.

  • The snapshot and compliance threshold - To start the book off with a bang, we’ve gathered a list of questions (provided in An HR audit snapshot) that will create a snapshot for you to use in determining whether or not you are complying with fundamental employment laws. If you do not know an answer to one of the questions, a page reference is provided so you can quickly find what you need to know and what you need to do. Compliance thresholds is formatted to help you determine what you are responsible for depending on the number of employees you...

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