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Disaster planning — Texas

Disasters can take many forms. When a disaster strikes your business, regardless of whether it emanates from natural or human causes, there will always be significant human resource issues that must be addressed and often very quickly. In the aftermath of any disaster, every business must make the decision of whether and how to move forward. A company’s employees are a critical component of any recovery plan. If a company fails to manage them well and meet their needs, other recovery efforts may be futile. Even if a company decides that a facility or the entire business cannot reopen, it will be essential to respond to employee concerns to avoid or minimize the risk of serious legal liability.

Sound disaster planning requires that human resource issues be recognized as being of great importance and adequate attention must be given to them both in the preventive and remedial aspects of any disaster prevention and recovery plan. The goals are:

  • Comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Meet employee needs at a time of crisis.
  • Preserve the human capital necessary to enable your company to recover from the incident and resume productive operations.

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