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Employee handbooks — Texas

An employee handbook usually consists of an employer’s work rules and policies. Handbooks may be an elaborate and professionally printed booklet or they may be a simple compilation of loose leaf materials or electronic entries on a employer’s intranet.

Whether an employer needs a handbook is a difficult question for a small business. One consideration must be the amount of time involved to write and assemble a handbook. A handbook for any size company should be carefully prepared. For this reason, employers may need to consider the number of employees who would benefit from a handbook and the available time needed to create one. Another consideration must be how often the handbook should be updated. Certainly, handbooks should be kept up to date, not only with actual employer practices and policies, but also with appropriate laws.

Reasons for a handbook

When drafting an employee handbook or manual, it is important to consider what it should (and should not) accomplish. A handbook should:

  • establish a positive image of the company
  • communicate important information to employees