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Workers' compensation — Arizona


The Arizona Workers’ Compensation Act established a system to compensate employees who suffer a work-related injury or illness. The Act requires employers to provide insurance coverage for workplace injuries that ensures that the injured employee receives medical treatment and a percentage of lost wages that result from workplace injuries or accidents. The Workers' Compensation Act also contains provisions ensuring that employees of uninsured companies receive payment for medical treatment and a percentage of lost wages.

Remedy for work-related injuries

Except in unusual circumstances, such as when an employee opts out of workers’ compensation coverage or an injury is caused by the employer’s willful misconduct, workers’ compensation is the exclusive remedy for a worker’s claims against his or her employer as a result of employment-related injuries. That means that the employee will not be able to file a personal injury/negligence civil lawsuit against the employer. 

Workers’ compensation recovery by employees from employers for employment-related injuries or illness is generally limited to compensation for lost wages and medical treatment. An employee whose injury arises out of and occurs during the course of employment, whether by the actions of a co-worker or the actions or...

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