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Performance evaluations — Arizona

Documenting employee performance is undergoing some scrutiny as the nature of the workplace continues to evolve. Some recent surveys show that many human resource professionals believe the standard performance appraisal is not a useful exercise, despite appraisals being a widespread and imbedded practice. 

Nevertheless, feedback through performance appraisals and counseling remain the two main methods giving and documenting information about employee performance. The feedback is designed both to inspire employee improvement and to allow early identification and intervention when employee performance problems arise. Good feedback inspires and drives most employees, which is a direct benefit to the employer in terms of efficiency and getting the most out of the investment made in nurturing the employee as they acquire new, valuable skills or when to move them up the ladder. Matching expectations with performance can expose training and coaching needs and provide an opportunity to align efforts with the company goals and vision.

Of course, if performance does not improve, documentation of performance management is crucial to establishing evidence for an employee termination. With the exception of dishonesty, theft, conflicts of interest, disloyalty, threats, violent conduct or other acts of misconduct, it should be extremely rare that an employee is...

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