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Miscellaneous Arizona laws — Arizona

The Small Business Bill of Rights

In 2014, the Arizona legislature enacted a law that expanded the Arizona Small Business Bill of Rights to apply to inspections and audits by any board, commission, department, officer or other administrative unit of the State of Arizona. This includes, but is not limited to, OSHA inspections by the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health and audits by the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Key provisions of the law were drafted by David Selden and Julie Pace the co-editors of this manual. The key provisions of the statute are:

  • covered agencies must post on the agencies website the small business bill of rights and must include the process by which a small business may file a complaint with the agency employee designed to assist members of the public
  • at the beginning of any state government audit or investigation, the agency conducting the audit or investigation must disclose certain information about the business’s rights
  • after the investigation or audit, the agency must provide the business with information regarding the status and results of the investigation
  • in certain circumstances, businesses will be able to...

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