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Remote working — Arizona

A teleworker or remote worker is an employee who spends at least one day per week working at home or out of a location near home and outside of the employer’s office, and who is connected to the employer’s place of business through some form of remote working technology. Some employers differentiate between telework and remote work, with telework used to refer to employees who are based from the employer’s office and occasionally are in the office and remote workers being those workers who don’t reside near the main office and generally can work from anywhere that they have a stable internet connection. This chapter uses the terms remote work and telework interchangeably.

Teleworking’s popularity  skyrocketed in the last few years as technology has improved and traditional forms of transportation have become costlier and more inconvenient. With the COVID-19 pandemic, teleworking has become standard in a number of workplaces and industries.

Prior to COVID-19, a...

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