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Compliance thresholds — Arizona


The following list does not include all federal and Arizona employment laws, but it does provide an overview of the number of employees an employer must have to be covered by several significant laws. Remember, however, that coverage for some of the laws also depends on requirements other or in addition to than the number of employees. If the number places your business on the borderline, consult further in the Topics for an explanation of those requirements or consult legal advice.

Minimum Employees  Law Notes Topic
1 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) I-9 employment eligibility verification requirement applies to all employers, but note the prohibition on citizenship or national origin discrimination applies to employers with four or more employees Immigration
1 Arizona Mine Safety and Health Statute (AMHS) Operations covered by the AMHS include mines, mills, smelters, sand and gravel plants. Safety and health
1 Federal Mine Safety and Health Act (MSHA) MSHA covers any...

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