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Recruiting and hiring — Arizona

How to recruit job applicants

Employers should take steps to ensure their recruitment methods are not limiting the sources of applicants in ways that may make it less likely to achieve a diverse work force. If employers rely on “word of mouth” referrals from existing employees, it is likely that the job applicants will mirror the demographic composition of the existing work force. If an employer’s existing work force is not diverse, word of mouth recruitment will have the effect of perpetuating imbalances in the work force because many people will likely refer or recommend people who share the same demographic characteristics as themselves.

Employers should therefore use a variety of recruiting resources that are likely to reach a variety of demographic groups. There are numerous sources of recruitment that employers can use, including but not limited to:

  • electronic job postings
  • websites
  • mobile applications
  • word of mouth
  • professional recruiters
  • business and professional organizations
  • newspaper advertisements.

Employers also should recruit at educational institutions and through community groups that are likely to yield qualified applicants from a variety of demographic groups. If an employer...

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