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An introduction — South Carolina Templates

For most businesses, litigation might be the most unpleasant, difficult, and expensive of all employment related activities.

Maintaining accurate and complete documentation as a standard business practice can help employers prevail or possibly avoid costly lawsuits altogether. The company's documents will prove more reliable, credible, and admissible in court if:

  • each document is dated and clearly states its purpose and the expectations related to it
  • the preparer of the document is required to sign it, and clearly print his or her name and job title on the document
  • the names and job titles of attendees are listed if the document refers or relates to a particular meeting
  • the employee is required to sign it and he or she is allowed to include his or her written comments if the document is a disciplinary memorandum or a performance evaluation (an employee who refuses to the punitive action management generally takes in such situations is described (if necessary, explain why the employee’s actions warrant a different approach in this instance)
  • the company's position is not overstated – limit the use of inflammatory adverbs (excessively, foolishly, recklessly, intentionally, carelessly) that could prove difficult to substantiate later
  • ...

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