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Termination of employment — South Carolina Templates

All employers must deal with employee terminations. Including a termination of employment policy in the employer’s written policies and procedures is advisable for several practical reasons. First, such a policy may encourage employees to provide reasonable notice of their intent to leave their employment. Such notice will be helpful to the employer in locating and training replacement personnel. A provision that eligibility for rehire will be lost for failure to provide the requisite notice is an added incentive for many employees to supply such notice.

Second, a termination policy reminds the dissatisfied employee that there are administrative channels that may be of help in correcting an employment problem. A good employee leaving due to job dissatisfaction might be reminded, either by the policy or by human resources personnel, that a problem only can be resolved if it is made known to the employer.

Third, an exit interview, such as addressed in option 2, serves as an excellent opportunity for the company to determine the basis for the employee’s decision to leave. If animosity on the part of the employee exists, an attempt to reconcile, or at least mitigate, this sentiment might help avoid subsequent litigation. Further, if...

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