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Basic company policies — South Carolina Templates

There are many aspects of the employment relationship where the company will want to implement policies in regard to basic company integrity in one form or another. The best place to start is with an equal employment opportunity statement for new employees. 

Communicating an employer's commitment to workplace diversity

Workplace diversity, which is a workforce that is reflective of the various ethnic and cultural groups that comprise American society, is a laudable goal. However, a desire to have workplace diversity cannot be used as a reason to select one candidate over another without some potential of running afoul of Title VII and other anti-discrimination laws. Nonetheless, by the very nature of the changing demographics of United States, the workplace will continue to become more diverse. The sample workplace diversity policy is designed to alert employees that all persons must be treated with respect and professionalism.

Situations when a confidentiality or conflict of interest notice is advisable

While a written confidentiality policy does not have the same legal force as a confidentiality agreement, it will nonetheless serve to remind employees of the...

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