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Establishing documentation procedures — South Carolina Templates

Employers lose more employment-related cases because of non-existent or poor documentation than for any other reason. Although documentation always has been important, it is becoming even more so as employees routinely challenge employment decisions before state and federal agencies and courts.

Managers should remember that some employees or job applicants probably will feel the adverse effects of virtually every employment decision, thereby creating the possibility of tension and perhaps legal proceedings. Therefore, companies should consider the following guidelines in establishing sound, consistent documentation procedures.

  • Commitment of senior management
    The president, chief executive officer or owner of the company must be committed to and follow through with establishing sound documentation procedures throughout the organization. As senior management sees the results of employment related cases that the company wins, the time and effort of all levels of management for implementing good documentation procedures will be rewarded.

  • Commitment and implementation by all other levels of management
    The need for commitment and implementation by all other levels of management is a must and really speaks for itself. Although documentation might initially seem burdensome to managers, it soon becomes second nature.

  • Usable and meaningful forms

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