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All the features of the HR Library

Employment laws are modified every year. Staying up to date on all the changes can be and is a full-time job for human resources managers and employers. This manual is a way to help businesses stay on the right side of employment law, minimize the risk of litigation, and avoid costly penalties. This reference has been organized to fit your needs and has numerous features to help you make sure your policies and business practices are in compliance with the law.

  •  The place to startOur goal is to provide you with a useful resource to help you make effective employee handbooks and appropriate policies. An introduction, is dedicated to getting you started. Check out this quick overview explaining the importance of documentation.

  • The structure - We’ve displayed many sample policies and forms in text, directly after the topic is addressed. This will aid you during the process of drafting your handbook. For instance, the discussion of Candidate tracking logs is followed by a sample candidate tracking log. All the information about a subject is at hand and ready for your use.

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