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Hiring — South Carolina Templates

Employers should use the forms and policies in this chapter when the employee accepts an offer of employment or, at the latest, on the employee’s first official day of work.

Pay particular attention to the “handbook acknowledgment/disclaimer” form if the company issues an employee handbook or policy manual. This form can help maintain the at will relationship and possibly help avoid contractual liability.

The “employment notice” form also is worth mentioning, for it is designed to meet the notice provisions of the South Carolina Wage Payment Act.

Welcoming new employees

Whether through an employee handbook, policy manual or general statement, may companies like to provide a general welcome statement to give employees an overview of the company’s history or philosophy, as well as to potentially explain the purpose of the employee handbook or personnel manual.

Welcome statements vary greatly. Some go into great detail. Others are simply intended to welcome the new employee. Either way, care and thought should be given since it is likely to set the tone for the entire manual. The welcome statement is highly recommended but is classified as legally desirable.

Forms required at the time of hire

Both the...

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