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Pay practices — South Carolina Templates

Wage payments

The South Carolina Payment of Wages Act requires that an employer with five or more employees provide new employees with information regarding their wages, hours agreed upon, the time and place of payment, and the deductions that will be made from the wages, including payments to insurance programs.

Any changes in these terms must be made in writing at least seven calendar days before they become effective. The employer has the option of giving written notification by posting the terms conspicuously at or near the place of work, and many of the policies in this book are drafted with that in mind. However, some employers prefer to give individual written notice, and the attached policy has been drafted with that in mind.

Hours of work defined in an employee handbook

From a wage/hour standpoint, it may be beneficial for the employer to define in its employee handbook or personnel manual the employer’s workweek and normal office and production hours. If applicable, different shifts also may be described. Setting forth lunch and break periods also is advisable because it...

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