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Table of contents

This Model Policies and Forms for Illinois Employers is offered to you for free. Find state specific laws and regulations below.

An introduction - features of the HR library

Employment laws are modified every year and staying up to date on all the changes can be a full-time job – and is, for human resources professionals and employers. This manual is a way to help businesses stay up to date on developments and minimize the risk of litigation. This reference has been organized to fit your needs and contains features to help you comply with the law.

  • The place to start - Our goal is to provide you with a useful resource to help you make effective employee handbooks and appropriate policies. As such, Employer resources is dedicated to getting you started. Check out this quick overview before drafting your handbook or updating your policies.

  • The structure - To make this manual more functional, we’ve displayed many sample Policies and Forms to go along with the text, corresponding to the topic addressed. This is meant to aid you during the process of crafting your handbook. For instance, the discussion of Job descriptions and applications will have a Sample Job Description under the Forms and Policies tab at the top of the page. All the information about a subject is at hand and ready for your use.

  • The content - While we’ve worked to make this book as effective as possible – providing efficient ways to find specific content without expecting busy employers to sit down and read the text straight through – we want every topic to be readable and uncomplicated, letting you know what to do, how to do it, and a little bit of why. 

  • The connections - As there is a lot of information in this book that requires interaction with different professional parties, contact information – including websites, e-mail addresses, and phone and fax numbers for many government departments and local organizations – is spread throughout. In-text mentions of external sources are followed by links to make it easier for you to apply our text to your own business. Look out for sections with prompts for where to download important forms and posters, like in Termination of employment. Think of it as the most detailed address book you’ve ever owned!

We’ve tried to make every part of this manual useful, not just the beginning; so don’t dismiss the many valuable resources for your use. Topics include Recordkeeping and Posting requirements, both complete with federal and state constraints. Find the exact information you need, compiled and at hand, ready for your use.

Though we have attempted to make this as comprehensive as possible, the simple fact is that there is no substitute for advice from legal counsel experienced in employment law and knowledgeable about your particular business needs. We hope this is a helpful supplement to keep you abreast of changes and remind you of best practices as your business evolves. 

So, relax – from hiring to firing, this manual will be your personal bookshelf HR manager!