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Table of contents

This Massachusetts Human Resources Manual is offered to you for free. Find state specific laws and regulations below.

An HR audit snapshot - Massachusetts

The following list of questions provides a snapshot of the topics covered in this book. After you review this book, you should have the answers to each of these fundamental compliance questions. Although a “No” answer does not necessarily mean you are in violation of the law, you should understand why the answer is “No.” The answer to each question may be found in the listed Chapter reference.

YES  NO    Topic


  Do you post all the required federal and state posters? Appendix A: Recordkeeping requirements


  Do you keep all medical records separate from other personnel files? Personnel files


  Do you have all new hires complete a Form I-9? Immigration


  Do you retain each employee’s: name, address, date of birth, occupation, rate of pay and compensation, for an entire year? Appendix A: Recordkeeping requirements


  Do you know what questions you may and may not ask job applicants? Recruiting and hiring


  Do you check all job and personal references before hiring? Background checks


  Do you have complete job descriptions that describe the essential and nonessential functions of each job, and do you update them periodically? Recruiting and hiring


  Are your employees properly designated as exempt or nonexempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act? Wages and hours


  Do you have an employee handbook? If so, is it regularly updated, and do you include a clear statement that employment is at-will and not guaranteed? Policies and procedures manuals
    Does your company have a social media policy? The Internet and social media


  Do you pay overtime compensation to non-exempt employees, including salaried employees? Wages and hours


  Do you have a written sexual harassment policy, and are your employees aware of it? Discrimination


  Do you have a procedure for investigating employee misconduct?

Workplace investigations


  Do your drug and/or alcohol tests comply with both Massachusetts and federal law?

Recruiting and hiring


  Do you have a progressive discipline policy, and do your supervisors understand it and apply it consistently? Discipline


  Are you aware of federal requirements regarding continuation of group health insurance coverage? Health insurance portability and accountability


  Do you have a plan for dealing with workplace violence? Workplace violence


  Do you have a system for handling wage garnishment or income deduction orders? Temporary and leased employees, interns and volunteers


  Do you know whether your employees are eligible for family and medical leave? Family and medical leave


  Do you have a system for sending out COBRA notices within the required time limits? Health insurance continuation


  Does your company have a plan for complying with WARN in the case of a mass layoff or plant closing? Plant closings and mass layoffs


  Do you know the procedure for reinstating a veteran after military leave? Military leave


  Does your company have a method for evaluating each employee’s performance? Performance evaluations