Arizona sick day policy

June 12th, 2018 Julie A. Pace, The Cavanagh Law Firm

Beginning on July 1, 2017, under Arizona law, all employees earn 1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked.  If a company has 15 or more employees, employees accrue and use up to 40 hours of paid sick leave per year.  If a company has fewer than 15 employees, employees accrue and may use up to 24 hours of paid sick leave per year.  Exempt employees are presumed to work 40 hours per week (unless their actual schedule is fewer hours, then their actual schedule can be used).  Unused sick leave rolls over from year to year unless the employer pays for the unused leave. 

In lieu of an hourly accrual, an employer may give employees all of their sick leave hours up front at the beginning of the year.  Additionally, . . .

Paternity leave

June 12th, 2018 hrsimple

Sometimes referred to as “family leave” or “parental leave”, paternity leave is an excused absence from work to care for and bond with a new child - whether by birth, adoption, or foster. This leave can vary in duration and may be paid or unpaid.

Are employers required to offer paternity leave?

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) employees of companies with a staff of 50 or larger are guaranteed twelve workweeks of leave in a 12-month period for the birth of a child and to care for the newborn child within one year of birth. This leave is job-protected leave meaning the employee must return to the same (or comparable) position and same wages upon completing leave. The FMLA also requires group health benefits to be maintained during the leave.

Does paternity leave need to be paid?

The FMLA does not provide for any pay during leave, and there are currently no federal paid paternity leave requirements in the United States - making it the only industrialized nation in the world that does not require paid time off for new parents.

However, 25 states have amended the FMLA further to provide for longer leave or lowering the minimum employer size to below 50. Four of these states . . .

HRsimple spotlight - Fiona Ong

October 24th, 2018 hrsimple

Fiona Ong is the author of the Maryland Human Resources manual, which can be purchased as a hard copy or online at She’s a wonderful writer and a great person to work with, so Fiona is our very first author in the HRsimple Spotlight! The HRsimple Spotlight is a new series we are beginning to introduce our readers to the authors, editors, attorneys and all of the other brains behind your beloved HR resource.  We hope you enjoy learning about Fiona, and all of those to come!

Permissible post-accident drug testing

June 12th, 2018 Edwin G. Foulke, Jr. at Fisher Phillips

The impact of OSHA’s recordkeeping revisions on permissible post-accident drug testing.