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How to avoid Major League workplace problems

October 21st, 2019

Travis Vance and Curtis Moore at Fisher Phillips

Charilie sheen major league

Your office, a movie or a clever construct designed to entertain while imparting widsom:

  • Manager who plays by the old rules. 
  • Prima donna who is past their prime. 
  • The ace who is an ace because he cheats.
  • Power employee who takes to voodoo to break a bad streak.
  • Grizzled veteran who drinks too much and is worn out.
  • Convicted felon with talent but no control.

It is a movie (Major League) and probably your office and most certainly a clever ruse executed by Travis Vance and Curtis Moore.

5 human resources must-dos before 2019 expires

October 17th, 2019

Debra Friedman at Cozen O'Connor

Countdown to 2020

Only 75 more days (as I write this - click on the countdown clock above for a current number) until 2020.

Which means you have however many days left divided by five (the number of compliance tips that Debra Friedman suggests you track and implement), which conveniently for you, are listed below and, not coincidentally, expounded upon by Debra Friedman:

  1. new salary thresholds for exempt employees
  2. salary history bans
  3. independent contractor status
  4. medical and recreational marijuana
  5. paid sick leave and family and medical leave.


Appendix A: Recordkeeping requirements

October 15th, 2019

Constance Brewster, Emily E. Schifter, Evan Gibbs, Rebecca H. Silk, Yane Park McKenzie

Troutman Sanders LLP

Various federal and state statutes require employers to keep employee applications and other employment information for a specified period of time.  The person charged with the administration of personnel files and applications is responsible for ensu...

Employment verification sample memorandums

October 14th, 2019

Daniel Marks, David A. Selden, Demetra Makris, Heidi Nunn-Gilman, Julie A. Pace

Gammage & Burnham

Memorandum for managers Memorandum for Managers The Company is committed to obeying the law. The C...

The workplace flu, vaccinations and telling employees to stay home

October 11th, 2019

Edward Harold and Paul Goatley at Fisher Phillips

Flu vaccine 2

Just get the damn flu shot (and accomodate when necessary).

That's what Gizmodo said last year, at least the part about the flu shot - click on the picture above for the full article from a science writer at Gizmodo (and pug afficianado elsewhere). And it was what I was going to title this blog, but I wasn't sure how the Google spiders would react.

Ed Harold and Paul Goatley went with "Combating the Flu" and discuss mandatory flu vaccines, accommodations to the flu vaccine, presenteeism, leave policies and various anit-flu paraphernalia.