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Tourette syndrome, the ADA and racial harassment

August 28th, 2019

Robin Shea at Constangy

Cursing at work

Is Tourette syndrome a disability?

Is the "N" word racial discrimination?

Can you fire someone who has Tourette syndrome?

And what about constructive discharge?

Robin Shea covers all of this and more.

Look past the laws (pudding) and understand the regs (Oreo)

August 28th, 2019

Kathy Speaker MacNett at SkarlatosZonarich

Oreo pie

The proof is not only in the pudding, it's in the regulations and administrative agency interpretations.

So when the employment laws change, be sure you don't stop there because there may be an Oreo cookie hidden somewhere in the pudding (leftovers from an Oreo pie recipe).

NY 11 employment laws you missed if you blinked (not 10)

August 28th, 2019

Jennifer Queliz at Cozen O'Connor

Spinal tap

Not content to simply stop at 10 new employment laws and regulations, the state that gives us:

  • Eleven Madison Park (the #4 restaurant in the world),
  • Eleven (a clothing line aiming "to enhance the conversation amongst footballers – the world over")
  • 11R (an art gallery that hasn't updated their website since 2017)

pushes over the double-digit threshhold ala Spinal Tap and their magic amps with 11 new employment laws and regulations that have passed of gone into effect this year.

NY New York Eases Burden of Proof for Discriminatory Harassment

August 22nd, 2019

Stephen Zweig and Phillip Davidoff at FordHarrison

On August 12, 2019, New York State (NYS) amended its Human Rights Law to make it easier to prove discriminatory harassment for members of all protected classes, including age, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, military status, disability, predisposing genetic characteristic, familial status, marital status, and domestic violence victim status. The amendment provides significant additional protections for employees and independent contractors who were sexually harassed

Hiring, firing and discipline - a simple audit

August 21st, 2019

Frank L. Day, Jr., Jessica Asbridge, Mollie K. Wildmann at FordHarrison

The following list of questions should serve as an introduction to a number of fundamental employment law concepts, and the answers to each question will enable users to determine if “best practices” generally are being followed. Of course, this list of questions will not ensure that full compliance with all laws and regulations that govern the employer-employee relationship, but...