NJ: Weed, opioids, workers' comp – who pays?

February 24th, 2020 Alexander Castelli at Shawe Rosenthal

Federal crime: to manufacture, posses or distribute marijuana.

New Jersey's Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical [Marijuana] Cannabis Act: ". . . the purpose of this act is to protect from arrest, prosecution, property forfeiture, and criminal and other penalties, those patients who use [marijuana] cannabis to alleviate suffering from [debilitating] qualifying medical conditions, as well as their [physicians] health care practitioners, [primary] designated caregivers, institutional caregivers, and those who are authorized to produce [marijuana] cannabis for medical purposes."

Who pays: the insurance company (for the marijuana), the employer (for breaking a law), the employee (with pain and an opioid addiction)?

Alexander Castelli lays out the background, the court's decision and the court's reasoning.

IL Now required: Illinois sexual harassment prevention training

February 25th, 2020 Peter Gillespie at Laner Muchin

Peter Gillespie offers a timely reminder that under last year’s amendments to the Illinois Human Rights Act that were contained in the 2019 Workplace Transparency Act, Illinois employers are required to provide sexual harassment prevention training by December 31, 2020.

Dr. Love(less) he don't need no office life

February 14th, 2020 Robin Shea at Constangy

The past two years, Robin Shea at Constangy has been kind enough to share her interview with Dr. Loveless, renowned advice columnist to . . . those of us who chose the office life. And sometimes those who don't. As long as it pays. Whatever.

This year, Amour De Docteur takes a shot at diagnosing:

  • how not to get called into HR for sexual harassment because "call you soon" means something different to your work colleague 
  • lookback LGBT discrimination
  • live-in relationship: commitment, sleeping dogs lying around or nepotism?
  • is a JD a real doctor, loveless or not?
  • suspicion.

(Yes, the title of this blog is an actual line from the lyrics of "Dr. Love" by heavy glam metal disco ballad rock band Kiss.)

New I-9!

February 14th, 2020 Julie Pace, David A. Selden, Heidi Nunn-Gilman

Why is the I-9 not I-9.54 by now?

The I-9 has been around since November 6, 1986, almost as long as the Mac computer. If it were an operating system, the Super Bowl or a tech start-up, the "I" would be leading a parade of number(s), or worse yet, letters masquerading as numbers.

But it isn't, it is just the I-9. And there is a new one.

Julie Pace, Dave Selden and Heidi Nunn-Gilman help with the changes and provide some commentary, including:

  • what most of the changes affect
  • who should see the instructions
  • what and where to post
  • how to deal with remote employees
  • is it possible to over-document?
  • ICE audits.

Also check out our blog that includes (actually it is the entire blog) a simple 10-question audit for employment verification.


The impact of Super Bowl(ing) Part Deux

January 28th, 2020 Rich Meneghello, Anthony Isola and Spring Taylor at Fisher Phillips

Chief among the 49er so factors to take into account when dealing with how the Super Bowl can/will affect your place of employment are these four (five for those of you in or around KC or San Fran):

  1. Gambling in the workplace
  2. Productivity
  3. Dress codes
  4. Monday morning absences
  5. Championship parade.

Rich Meneghello (longtime contributor), Anthony Isola and Spring Taylor (who in no way condoned, particpated in or encouraged any of the 13.9 million workers who called in "sick" or used PTO the day after last year's Super Bowl LIII but will in no way stipulate to same for LIV) help alleviate any headache or hangover, super or otherwise.

PS - Anyone besides me wondering why Liv Tyler isn't a part of the Super Bowl LIV festivities?

PPS - Click the image above for some super (full-contact) bowling.