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Iowa Human Resources Manual

Iowa Human Resources Manual was created in collaboration with BrownWinick. , and authored by Ann Holden Kendell, Elizabeth A. Coonan, Megan Erickson Moritz

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  • Iowa Human Resources Manual
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    About the law firm


    In 1951, a tax-law specialty firm opened its doors in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Its modest size hid lofty ambitions: to help its clients build on a strong foundation, and to put businesses from Iowa, the Midwest and around the country on a powerful footing for growth and competitive success.

    Today, half a century later, those ambitions continue to act as our compass. BrownWinick has grown to become one of the region's preeminent business-focused law firms, boasting...read more

    About our sponsor

    The Iowa Association of Business and Industry, Iowa’s oldest and largest statewide business network is pleased to present the Iowa HR Library. We hope it will help you operate your business more efficiently and avoid the hidden pitfalls that lurk among the maze known as HR.

    Targeted, timely and comprehensive, this manual is considered the cornerstone guide of the compliance library. It covers more than thirty primary topics directly related to the employment process.

    This updated and revised edition of the Iowa Human Resources Manual was not written as a response to employee-related problems, but to help you avoid them. The guidelines and checklists will help make that easier and the examples, FAQ’s and step-by-step instructions will give you the confidence to know that you are on solid ground.

    This manual is a part of a series of publications prepared exclusively for Iowa employers and made available by ABI in... learn more


    As ABI visits with business leaders throughout the state, there is no question that employment issues are at the top of their list of concerns. Our members value this resource and use it to address their HR needs. And for those professionals who make decisions on health and other benefits, it is a valuable tool to stay ahead of the curve.

    Kathy Anderson, Vice President, Member Development and Programs, Iowa Association of Business and Industry, Iowa

    I’ve had many occasions to use the materials purchased from ACCR. I enjoy the fact that they come both electronically and in hard copy. I keep the electronic copy on my desktop and find it very user friendly. I usually just search for a word in the document and just like that, I have my answer. The hard copy is nice for traveling or just looking things up the old fashioned way. The layout is very handy. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with my purchases thus far. The information is easy to find and the books are very easy to read.

    Bill Pinegar, SPHR, Human Resources Consultant, Kiesling Associations, Des Moines, Iowa

    hrsimple.com is a must-have not only for HR professionals in the state, but for labor and employee relations professionals, employment lawyers and small business owners. It is comprehensive in scope, addressing the many legal and compliance issues that face employers from recruiting to retirement. Yet, despite the wide range of issues covered, and the complexity of those issues, information is easy to find and comprehend, avoiding much of the legal-speak that can often be difficult to interpret.

    John A. Challenger, Chief Executive Officer, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

    I have been in Human Resources for over 30 years.  "Performance Management Strategies: Finding Common G.R.O.U.N.D." was one of the best presented, arranged, and informative webinars I have ever participated in.  I wish my whole crew of supervisors and managers could have participated in it.  However, with the information I received and the way it was laid out, I hope that I will be able to mock the presentation for them. You and Jamie did an excellent job in presenting this in a clear, distinctive way that was interesting and was never boring. 

    Dena Smith, Heartland EMS, Inc.

    Topics covered

    Iowa Human Resources Manual

    About the Firm

    About the Authors

    About the Contributors

    Iowa Association of Business and Industry

    Features of the HR Library

    Chapter 1 Snapshot

    Chapter 2 Compliance Thresholds

    Chapter 3 Recruiting and Hiring

    Chapter 4 Background Checks

    Chapter 5 Immigration

    Chapter 6 Policies and Procedures Manuals

    Chapter 7 Employee Personnel Files

    Chapter 8 Restrictive Covenants and Trade Secrets

    Chapter 9 Wages and Hours

    Chapter 10 Child Labor

    Chapter 11 Performance Evaluations

    Chapter 12 Temporary and Leased Employees

    Chapter 13 Independent Contractors

    Chapter 14 Privacy

    Chapter 15 Working with the Internet

    Chapter 16 Social Media

    Chapter 17 Lie-detector Tests

    Chapter 18 Discrimination

    Chapter 19 Workplace Investigations

    Chapter 20 Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodation

    Chapter 21 Employee Discipline

    Chapter 22 Termination

    Chapter 23 Plant Closings and Mass Layoffs

    Chapter 24 Family and Medical Leave

    Chapter 25 Military Leave

    Chapter 26 Workplace Safety and Health

    Chapter 27 Workplace Violence

    Chapter 28 Benefits

    Chapter 29 Health Care Reform

    Chapter 30 Workers' Compensation

    Chapter 31 Unemployment Insurance

    Chapter 32 Health Care Continuation

    Chapter 33 HIPAA

    Chapter 34 Public Employers

    Chapter 35 Disaster Planning

    Chapter 36 Relationships in the Workplace

    Chapter 37 Celebrating in the Workplace

    Appendix A Recordkeeping Requirements

    Appendix B Posting Requirements