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Forms & Policies

Background checks — Illinois

Summary of Your Rights Fair Credit Reporting Act

Health insurance continuation coverage — Illinois

Sample Notice of Special Enrollment Rights

Health insurance — Illinois

Model Notice for Employers Who Do Not offer a Health Plan

Model Notice for Employers Who Offer a Health Plan to Some or All Employees

Immigration — Illinois

I-9 Form (2023)

Pandemic outbreaks — Illinois

Communicable Diseases Policy

Shutdown Policy

Stay Home From Work Poster

Wash Your Hands Poster

Recruiting and hiring — Illinois

Form I-9 (2020)

Form I-9 Instructions (2020)

Form W-4 (2023)

VETS-4212 (2024)

Telecommuting — Illinois

Telecommuting agreement

Telecommuting checklist

Telecommuting policy

zFamilies First Coronavirus Response Act — Illinois

FFCRA Leave Policy

FFCRA Poster

FFCRA Request for Leave of Absence (FMLA)

FFCRA Request for Leave of Absence (Non-FMLA)