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Peter J. Gillespie

Laner Muchin


This manual has been revised for 2019-2020 under the coordination of Peter J. Gillespie.

Peter J. Gillespie ( is a partner with Laner Muchin, Ltd. He represents and counsels management on a wide array of employment law-related issues, including health and safety requirements, covenants not to compete, wage and hour class actions, retaliation, workplace discrimination and harassment, hiring, promotion and dismissal decision-making, workplace privacy, electronic monitoring of employees, data retention and statutory compliance.

Mr. Gillespie received his B.A. from Northwestern University and earned his J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center, where he was a Primary Editor of the State and Local Tax Lawyer.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Laner Muchin attorneys Eileen M. Momblanco and Chad R. DeGroot in reviewing these materials.


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