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June 12th, 2018 by hrsimple

When it comes to employment law, staying up to date with the latest law updates and best practices can seem like a full-time job, and a boring one at that! We like to keep current with the latest HR happenings by routinely checking a few blogs and websites. Each website offers a different perspective or delivery on HR that keeps us entertained AND informed, a task that can be a tall order when it comes to the sometimes dry world of employment law. Check out a few of our favorite resources here. 


If Buzzfeed's list format is your jam, this is the HR site for you. With a variety of best practice articles, webinars, and some fun graphics, TLNT keeps learning about employment law fun and fresh. Plus it's updated often and the articles are a quick read, perfect for when you need a five minute break from that stack of I-9 forms.  


A snarky, biting round up of articles from industry pros on management and recruiting, Fistful of Talent ain't your mamas HR site. With loads of videos, podcasts, and even Wu-Tang themed articles, this site is definitely the sexier approach to employment law. We like to read it to remind ourselves that HR can be fun and modern, and that it's not just FMLA leave and worker's compensation claims. 


Though it's not all about the Benjamins on this pay-focused site, the main focus is certainly on a salary database that offers averages of pay for roles with the ability to adjust based on experience and location. Additonally the site hosts some great original articles with a uniquely casual point of view, as they are usually not written by lawyers. A great resource to reference during pay negotions or the job description writing phase. 


If you are way into the whole "Law & Order" thing this wage-focused blog from our buds at Fisher Phillips is for you. The blog takes a more case-by-case approach (see what we did there?) to employment law, examining the latest court findings and reflecting on their importance in the larger HR landscape. The experts at Fisher & Phillips do an excellent job of explaining the legal background of each case and what you need to know going forward. 


If there is one thing we love reading about on the Internet, it's the Internet! This social media focused blog from the labor law gurus at Cozen O'Connor tracks the overlap of social media and employment law – an area that seems to be shifting day by day. For those Cliffs Notes fans out there "the employer take away" is pure gold. 

Everyday People: sbrownehr.com

Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources. Written by Steve Browne, and HR vet and all-around optimist. His long essays on the soul of employment will leave you feeling a renewed energy for connecting with staff on a person-to-person basis. 

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