Bad hire! Bad, bad hire!

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October 11th, 2018

Just like a dog, a hire can be bad for a multitude of reasons, including the hirer (trainer), the hired (dog), everyone's expectations (in both cases some praise and/or a treat), and the environment (workplace/home).

HR Dive is here to help (with the bad hire*):

"Sooner or later, even the most seasoned HR professionals will admit it: they've made a bad hire. For some reason, a person will fizzle out on the job, even though his or her stellar credentials promised a perfect fit with your company. Whether this is an entry-level person or a senior executive, the impact of a bad hire on a department or company can be devastating. So what do you do?"

HR Dive walks you through the process after you accept it was your bad (hire):

  • more common than you think
  • why is it a bad hire
  • reforming a bad hire
  • when to say goodbye
  • avoiding future bad hires

* for those of you with a bad dog (my trainer reminds me that it isn't the dog, it is in fact me), some help from BARk.

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