Treating service animal requests (always treat the animal)

August 14th, 2018
Treating service animal requests (always treat the animal) handling service animal requests, ADA and service animals, service animal

Service animal pop quiz (yes/no):

  • The ADA permits assistance dogs to be with their person where members of the public can go (yes)
  • The ADA requires service dogs to be professionally trained (no)
  • Minature horses are covered under the ADA and Great Danes can be the size of miniature horses (yes and yes - I saw two at the dog park last night)

Peter Petesch at our partner Littler, suggests, among other things in this SHRM article, covering the following when handling service animal requests:

  • it's an accommodation request
  • alternatives?
  • doctor's note?
  • confidentiality!
  • what are the ground rules?

And for those of you in Philadelphia, a BONUS Littler workshop on September 6, Doggy Dilemmas: Accommodating Service Animals for Employees and Customers, complete with a demonstration from Canine Companion's assistance dog Mork.