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South Carolina Plus

In-depth HR guides to South Carolina and federal employment. Includes what to do and how to do it for everything from pre-hire through post-termination. These publications are prepared exclusively for South Carolina employers and made available by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce in a continuing effort to provide reliable and practical information for our members and the South Carolina business community.


Brand new chapters on COVID-19 in the workplace include:

  • New Families First Coronavirus Response Act Posting Requirement
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act addition to FMLA and how it applies to your business
  • Telecommuting – telecommuting policy, agreement and employee checklist
  • Handling Pandemics and Communicable Diseases in the Workplace

Your subscription includes:

  • Hardcopy Manuals: Because sometimes it just feels better to hold a book in your hands, and flip right to the page you need
  • Digital HR Library: Regularly updated so that you will always have the latest policies at your fingertips
  • HRUpdate: weekly e-newsletter highlighting the top HR trends and best practices
  • SHRM and HRCI certified webinars: free monthly access – $120 value – each webinar is worth 1 SHRM credit and 1 HRCI credit
  • Customer Service: if you still can't find the answer you're looking for, our friendly customer service representatives can point you in the right direction.

The South Carolina Human Resources Manual will help you to become an expert in:

  • Understanding state and federal specific compliance thresholds
  • Anticipating and being prepared for an HR Audit with our Self-HR-Audit
  • Managing the recruiting and hiring process lawfully
  • Understanding NDAs, intellectual property and trade secret law
  • Managing employee relationships
  • Conducting workplace investigations
  • Avoiding costly non compliance penalties on both the state and federal level
  • Filing personnel and medical records
  • Filing applications and other non-medical records
  • Knowing what questions you can and can't ask
  • Understanding sensitive topics and questions
  • Confidently writing a harassment policy
  • Legally performing drug and alcohol tests
  • Handling workplace violence before, during, or after it happens
  • Reinstating a veteran after military leave
  • Creating and managing email, Internet and other communications policy
  • Obtaining authorization from employees before generating consumer reports

The library also includes necessary form and policy templates that are ready for you to download, edit, save and print such as:

  • Time Off and Leaves of Absence policies
  • Personnel Records and Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Employee Benefits
  • New Hire Reporting Form
  • Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest
  • (OWBPA) The Older Workers Benefit Protection Act
  • Family medical leave

The Hiring, Firing, and Discipline for Employers guide focuses on all the issues faced by employers and managers, with seven state-by-state charts and 14 chapters, covering topics such as:

  • Crafting a task-focused job advertisement
  • Handling applications
  • ADA concerns like reasonable accommodation
  • Separation of medical paperwork
  • Performance appraisals and progressive discipline

The Wages and Hours— An Employer's Guide focuses on all of these wage-related issues, providing 20 chapters and 2 appendices, covering topics such as: 

  • Commonly asked questions and answers
  • Defining "hours worked"
  • Rest and meal periods
  • Computation of overtime compensation
  • Exemptions from overtime

With no monthly subscriptions, HRSimple provides businesses with just one flat price and immediate access to information that is continually updated for as long as you need it! Trust that your information is compiled, written, updated, and translated by a well-credentialed team of practicing attorneys. The South Carolina Human Resources Library is the most comprehensive, plain-English guide that's available to your HR team! And clients from pro sports teams to mom-and-pop stores put their trust in us year after year for that exact reason.

Overtime compensation nonexempt employees
Additional exemptions
What counts as wages nonexempt employees
Determining work time nonexempt employees
Deductions from pay
Remote workers and telecommuting
Equal pay
Appendix A State agencies
Appendix B Wage and hour district offices
Covered employers
Leased or temporary employees
Whitecollar exemptions
Minimum wage requirements nonexempt employees
Recordkeeping requirements
Employment of minors
Payment of wages
About the authors
Where to go for more information
Snapshot An HR audit
Posting requirements
Workers not covered by federal law
Squire Patton Boggs
About the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
Basic hiring practices
Wage and hour issues
Performance evaluations
Plant closings mass layoffs and other reductions in force
Privacy rights
Workplace violence
Drugs and alcohol
Employmentrelated torts
Child labor
Disabilities and reasonable accommodations
Employment contracts
Family and medical leave
Military leave
Unemployment compensation
Safety and health
Workers compensation
Appendix A Recordkeeping requirements
Pandemic outbreaks
Appendix B Posting requirements
Background checks
Temporary and leased employees
Independent contractors
Health insurance continuation coverage
Workplace harassment
Other types of leave
Politics in the workplace
Celebrations in the workplace
Social media
Disaster planning
Personnel files
Compliance basics
Workplace investigations
Employee policies and procedures manual
Government contractors and affirmative action
About Fisher Phillips
About the Authors and Editors
Features of the HR Library
Prehire considerations
Establishing documentation procedures
Workplace safety
Job descriptions
Pay practices
Insurance and other benefits
Termination of employment
Work rules and discipline
Unemployment benefits
Miscellaneous forms and policies
Time off and leaves of absence
About the author
Appendix B Recordkeeping requirements
Basic company policies
Appendix A Posting requirements
About the firm
Preemployment testing
Policy manuals and employee handbooks
Noncompete agreements and trade secrets
Affirmative action
Employment litigation
Union organizing activity
Appendix A Federal recordkeeping requirements
The employment relationship
Preemployment issues
New hire reporting
Editors Foreward
About FordHarrison LLP
About the Editors
Telecommuting agreement
Telecommuting checklist
Telecommuting policy
Form I-9 (2020)
Form I-9 Instructions
Form W-4 (2020)
Model Notice for Employers Who Do Not offer a Health Plan
Model Notice for Employers Who Offer a Health Plan to Some or All Employees
Communicable Diseases Policy
Shutdown Policy
Stay Home From Work Poster
Wash Your Hands Poster
Form I-9 (2020)
Form I-9 Instructions (2020)
Adverse Action Letter
Affirmative Action Policy
Affirmative Action Program Applicants Pre-Offer Invitation
Affirmative Action Program - Applicants Who Are Disabled
Affirmative Action Program Post-Offer Invitation
Affirmative Action Voluntary Information
At Will Employment Application (Option 1)
At Will Employment Application (Option 2)
At Will Employment Application (Option 3)
At Will Employment Application (Option 4)
At Will Employment Offer Letter
Authorization to Release Information
Authorized Access Agreement
Background Research Release (Option 1)
Background Research Release (Option 2)
Background Verification Disclosure
Candidate Rating Sheet
Candidate Tracking Log
Conditional Offer Questionnaire
Credit Check Consent Form
Disclosure to Applicant Regarding Investigative Consumer Report
Educational Reference
Employment Interview Analysis
Employment of Relatives Policy
Employment Reference
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (Option 1)
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (Option 2)
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (Option 3)
Exempt Telephone Refernce Check
Interview Checklist
Interviewer Evaluation
Interviewing Form
Medical History Questionnaire
Non-Exempt Telephone Reference Check
Offer-Acceptance Letter
Police Check
Post-Conditional Job Offer Request for Physician's Certification
Reference Inquiry
Substance Abuse Policy
Substance Abuse Prevention Program Consent Form
Telephone Reference Check
Employee Information
Employee Orientation and Training Checklist
Employment At Will (Option 1)
Employment At Will Policy (Option 2)
Employment Notice
Employment Status Policy
Hiring Checklist
I-9 Form (2020)
I-9 Form Instructions (2020)
Immigration Law Compliance Policy
Length of Service Policy
Orientation Period Policy
Union-Free Policy (Option 1)
Union-Free Policy (Option 2)
Union-Free Policy Third Party Intervention (Option 3)
W-4 Form (2020)
Welcome Statement
Acknowledgement of Receipt of Handbook
Cellular Telephone Usage Policy
Driver Qualifications Policy
Electronic Communications Policy
Safety Problem Solving Policy (Option 4)
Sample Safety Policy (Option 1)
Sample Safety Policy (Option 2)
Use of Company Motor Vehicles Policy
Violence in the Workplace Policy
Weapons Policy
Workers' Compensation Policy
Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses Forms & Instructions
Your Safety Pledge Policy (Option 3)
Sample Cover Page of Employee Manual
The Legal Disclaimer
At Will Job Description Non-Exempt (Office)
At Will Job Description Non-Exempt (Production)
At Will Position Description
Job Descriptions
Job Duties and Descriptions Policy
Authorization Form for Deduction from Wages
Check Request Form
Employee Payroll Change Notice
Employee Referral Bonus Policy
Errors in Payment Policy
Expense Reimbursement Policy
Hours of Work (Option 1)
Hours of Work (Option 2)
Natural Disasters Policy
Overtime Policy
Payment of Bonuses Policy
Payment of Commissions Policy
Payroll Advances Policy (Option 1)
Payroll Advances Policy (Option 2)
Payroll Direct Deposit Form
Place and Time of Payment Policy (Option 1)
Place and Time of Payment Policy (Option 2)
Recording Your Hours Policy
Salary Change Recommendation Form
Severe Weather Policy
Shortages and Overages Policy
Telecommuting Agreement
Telecommuting Checklist
Telecommuting Policy (Option 1)
Telecommuting Policy (Option 2)
Terms of Employment Notice
Travel Pay Policy
Use of Time Cards Policy
Wage Deductions Policy
401(K) Plan Enrollment Form
Beneficiary Designation Form
Cafeteria Plan Policy
Continuation of Group Health Insurance Policy
Designation of Beneficiary
Employee Assistance Program Policy
Health Insurance
Information on Categories of Benefits
Insurance Policy
Life Insurance
Long-Term-Disability Plan Policy
Model COBRA Continuation Coverage Election Notice (2020)
Model COBRA Continuation Coverage General Notice (2020)
Profit-Sharing Plan
Short-Term Disability Plan Policy
Tuition Reimbursement Policy
Accommodation Request
Accommodations for Disabled Individuals
Accommodations Request Form
Employee Reasonable Accommodation Request Form
FFCRA Leave Policy
FFCRA Poster
FFCRA Request for Leave of Absence (FMLA)
FFCRA Request for Leave of Absence (Non-FMLA)
Religious Accommodations Policy
Request for Reasonable Accommodation
Response to Request for Accommodation
Response to Request for Accommodation
Compensation Review Policy (Option 1)
Compensation Review Policy (Option 2)
Department Checklist-Employee Progress Report
Exempt Performance Appraisal
New Employee Progress Report
Non-Exempt Employee Performance Appraisal
Performance Appraisal
Performance Appraisals Policy
Performance Appraisal Summary
Performance Evaluation
Self-Peer Performance Evaluation Form
Temporary Employee Evaluation
Employee Exit Summary
Employee Separation Clearance Checklist
Exit Checklist
Exit Interview
Exit Interview Policy
Layoffs and Recalls Policy
Reductions in Force Policy
Reference Release Form
Reference Release Waiver
Reference Requests Policy
Separation Summary
Severance Acceptance Agreement
Termination Due to Poor Performance
Termination Letter
Termination of Employment Policy
Voluntary Resignation
Anti-Bullying Policy (Option 1)
Anti-Bullying Policy (Option 2)
Attendance Bonus Policy (Option 3)
Attendance Policy (Option 1)
Attendance Policy (Option 2)
Discipline Documentation Form
Employee Appearance Policy
Employee Conduct Policy (Option 1)
Employee Conduct Policy (Option 2)
Employee Conduct Policy (Option 3)
First-Step Warning
Harassment Policy (Option 1)
Harassment Policy (Option 2)
Harassment Policy (Option 3)
Open-Door Form
Open-Door Policy (Option 1) Problem Resolution
Open-Door Policy (Option 2) Problem Resolution
Open-Door Policy (Option 3)
Open-Door Policy (Option 4)
Second-Step Warning
Third-Step Warning
Election to Become Reimburseable Employer
Employer Quarterly Contribution and Wage Reports
Employer Quarterly Wage Continuation Sheet
Employers Report of Change
Employers Request for Benefit Address
Employer Status Report
Instructions for Employer Quarterly Continuation Report
Instructions for Employer Quarterly Wage Report....
Mass Separation.....Total Unemployment
Notice to Employer Regarding an Offer of Work
Offer of Work
Regulations Governing Offers of Work
South Carolina School-to-Work
Statement to Correct Information
Statement to Correct Information Continuation Sheet
Affidavit of Marriage
Bright Idea Program - Entry Form
Displaced Employee Data Sheet
Employment Information Change
Equipment Reimbursement Form
Expense Reimbursement - Smoking Policy
Job Posting Policy
Listening to Music Policy
Medical Authorization
Policy Statement Regarding Duplication of Software
Position Decline Statement
Promotion or Transfer Request
Promotions and Transfers Policy
Promotions, Transfers, Demotions and Reclassifications Policy
Smoking Policy
Substance Abuse Prevention Process Substance Abuse Investigation Form
Telephone Usage Policy
Verification of Dependent Status
Visitors in the Workplace Policy
Bereavement Leave Policy
Doctor's Statement Concerning Medical Maternity or Health Related Condition
DOLs Final Rule on Family and Medical Leave
Education Leave Policy
Family and Medical Leave (Option 1)
Family and Medical Leave (Option 2)
Holidays Policy
Jury Duty Policy
Medical Leave of Absence Policy
Military Leave Policy
Model Absence Tracking Form
Paid Time Off Policy
Personal Days Policy
Personal Leave of Absence (Option 1)
Personal Leave of Absence (Option 2)
Physicians Release to Return to Work
Physicians Statement Concerning Leave
Report of Absence
Request for Leave of Absence (Non-FMLA)
Request Form for Non-FMLA Leave
School Parental Leave Policy
Sick Leave Bank Policy
Sick Leave Policy
Vacations (Option 1)
Vacations (Option 2)
Voting Policy
WH-380-E Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition
WH-380-F Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition
WH-381 Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities
WH-382 Designation Notice
WH-384 Certification of Qualifying Exigency
WH-385 Certification for Serious Injury and Illness of a Current Servicemember
WH-385-V Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran
Employee Records Policy
Medical Information Policy
Confidential and Proprietary Information Statement
Confidentiality of Company Information
Conflicts Arising from Personal Relationships Policy
Conflicts of Interest Policy
EEO Policy Statement to New Employees
Employment Confidentiality Agreement
Ethics Policy
Inspection of Property Policy
Media Contact Policy
Non-Fraternization Policy
No-Solicitation No-Distribution Policy
Outside Employment Policy
Social Media Policy
Workplace Dating Policy
Workplace Diversity Policy
Company Use Job Description
Sample Job Questionairre


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