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In-depth HR guide to Illinois and Federal Employment law, delivered in one soft-cover book and online with form and policy templates. Includes what to do and how to do it for everything from pre-hire through post-termination, policies and form templates that you can use as-is or customize, updated online access, email notifications and a weekly e-newsletter

Covering all of the basics, from A to Z.  Plus, forms and policies for the workplace.

Every human resources professional knows the daunting task of staying up-to-date with the laws governing employer-employee relations. State and federal laws often impose different obligations on employers, and courts continually refine the way the laws must be implemented in the workplace.

For instance:

  • What does the federal Family Medical Leave Act require that the Illinois Family Leave Act does not? 
  • When is a worker an independent contractor for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act versus Illinois’s wage and hour laws? 
  • If the cultivation and use of marijuana are illegal under federal law, how does an employer accommodate its use by employees who are disabled and properly registered under Illinois’s Medical Marijuana Act?  
  • There are a lot of legal minefields out there!

HR professionals negotiate those minefields by having the resources to recognize and prevent issues before they arise and by responding to problems when prevention is not possible. We hope this manual will be your first resource in recognizing, preventing, and solving problems in your workplace.

Easily comply with these comprehensive Illinois laws: 

  • Illinois discrimination statutes
  • Illinois Continuation (mini-COBRA)
  • Illinois Maternity Leave Act
  • Illinois Employee Classification Act
  • Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR)
  • Illinois workers’ compensation law
  • Illinois Minimum Wage Law
  • VESSA - Illinois Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act
  • Illinois Department of Employment Security
  • Illinois Credit Privacy Act

Stay Knowledgeable and Informed: 

  • Lay Out Expectations and Guidelines for your Business
  • Stay Up to Date on recent law changes
  • Understand state and federal specific compliance thresholds
  • Understand NDAs, intellectual property and trade secret law
  • Manage employee relationships
  • Conduct workplace investigations
  • Avoid costly non-compliance penalties on both the state and federal level
  • File personnel and medical records
  • File applications and other non-medical records
  • Legally perform drug and alcohol tests
  • Handle workplace violence before, during, or after it happens
  • Reinstating a veteran after military leave
  • Obtain authorization from employees before generating consumer reports

Other Benefits: 

  • Understand Your Compliance Thresholds
  • Anticipate and be Ready for Your Audit
  • Manage the Recruiting and Hiring Process Lawfully
  • Understand NDAs, Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Law
  • Manage Employee Relationships
  • Conduct Workplace Investigations
  • Avoid Costly Non-Compliance Penalties on both the State and Federal level
  • Arm your HR team with Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use, and Accurate Info that Ensures Compliance and Minimizes Legal Costs!

The Illinois Human Resources Manual Includes:

  • A hard-copy book written in plain-English
  • Access to an updated, online, membership only HR platform
  • Inclusive access to SHRM certified webinars
  • Immediate updates when laws change and when it will affect you
  • Easy to understand legal advice 
  • Weekly "HR Update" Newsletter
  • Live customer support

Our guide to Illinois Human Resources is the most Comprehensive, Plain-English guide that your HR Department is likely to encounter, anywhere.  Clients from Pro Sports Teams, to Mom-and-Pop Stores, put their trust in us year after year for that exact reason.

About the firm
Features of the HR Library
Employer resources
Job descriptions and applications
Employment policies Introduction and atwill employment
Time off and leaves of absence
Basic company policies
Wages and hours
Performance reviews promotions and transfers
Additional matters
Appendix A Recordkeeping requirements
Appendix B Posting requirements
Termination of employment
About the author
Workplace harassment
Military leave
Other types of leave
Privacy rights
Health insurance portability and privacy
Politics in the workplace
Families First Coronavirus Response Act
Pandemic outbreaks
Compliance thresholds
Snapshot An HR audit
Recruiting and hiring
Background checks
Personnel files
Policies and procedures manuals
Independent contractors
Protecting electronic information
Social media
Health insurance reform
Disabilities and reasonable accommodations
Family and medical leave
Workers compensation
Health insurance continuation coverage
Safety and health
Laner Muchin Ltd
Temporary and leased employees
Celebrations in the workplace
Federal contractors and affirmative action
Workplace investigations
At-Will Employment Application (Option 1)
At-Will Employment Application (Option 2)
At-Will Employment Application (Option 3)
At-Will Employment Application (Option 4)
Background Research Release (Option 1)
Background Research Release (Option 2)
Background Verification Disclosure
Driving History
Educational Reference
Employment Interview Analysis
Employment Reference
Federal Contractor Veteran's Employment Report - VETS 4212
Interview Checklist
Interviewing Form
Invitation to Self-Identify
Job Description
Pre-Hiring Checklist
Reference Release Form
Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability
An Open Letter to All Employees
Employment At-Will Policy
Employment Status Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Form I-9 (2020)
Form I-9 Instructions (2020)
Form W-4 (2020)
Global Workplace Policy
IL New Hire Form
IL W-4
Management Rights Policy
Model Offer Letter
Zero-Tolerance Program
Accommodation Request
Adverse Weather Policy
Bereavement Leave Policy
Family and Medical Leave Act Policy
Holidays Policy
Jury Duty Policy
Military Leave Policy
Non-FMLA Policy
Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy
Personal Days Policy
Personal Leave of Absence Policy
Physicians' Release to Return to Work
Physicians' Statement Concerning Leave
Reasonable Accommodation Request Form (Option 1)
Reasonable Accommodation Request Form (Option 2)
Request Form for Non-FMLA Leave
Sample Natural Disaster Policy
Sick Days Policy
Vacation Policy
WH-380-E Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition
WH-380-F Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition
WH-381 Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities
WH-382 Designation Notice
WH-384 Certification of Qualifying Exigency
WH-385 Certification for Serious Injury or Illness for Current Servicemember for Military Family Leave
WH-385-V Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran for Military Caregiver Leave
401K Policy
Beneficiary Designation Form (Option 1)
Beneficiary Designation Form (Option 2)
COBRA Continuation Coverage Election Form
Continuing Education Policy
Health Insurance Policy
Long-Term Disability Plan
Model COBRA Continuation Coverage Election Notice (2020)
Model General Notice of COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights (2020)
Short-Term Disability Plan
Accident Reporting Policy
AIDS Policy
Attendance Policy (Option 1)
Attendance Policy (Option 2)
Business Ethics Policy (Option 1)
Business Ethics Policy (Option 2)
Discipline Documentation Policy
Drug-Free Workplace Policy (Government Contractors)
Employment Status Policy
First-Step Warning
Fraternization Policy
General Rules and Regulations Policy
Orientation Period Policy
Personal Conduct Policy
Politics in the Workplace Policy
Record of Accident-Incident-Serious Harm Form
Safety and Health Policy (Option 1)
Safety and Health Policy (Option 2)
Safety and Health Policy (Option 3)
Second-Step Warning
Solicitation Policy
Substance Abuse Policy
Third-Step Warning
Union-Free Policy (Option 1)
Union-Free Policy (Option 2)
Expense Reimbursement Policy
Hours of Work Policy (Option 1)
Hours of Work Policy (Option 2)
Nursing Mothers Policy
Overtime Policy
Secure Choice Savings Policy
Timekeeping Requirements Policy
Compensation Review Policy
Exempt Performance Appraisal
Performance Appraisal Form
Performance Evaluation
Performance Review Policy
Promotions and Transfers Policy
Self-Peer Performance Evaluation Form
Biometric Information Security Policy.docx
Cell Phones Policy
Email Policy
Introduction Policy
Message and Documentation Creation and Retention Policy
Model Appropriate Use Provision
Model Confidentiality Provision
Model Employee Acknowledgment and Consent
Model Information Security Provision
Model Monitoring Provision (No Routine Monitoring)
Model Monitoring Provision (Routing Monitoring)
Model Ownership of Information, Data and Software Provision
Model Personal Use Provision
Remote Access Policy
Social Media Policy
Voicemail Policy
Bright Idea Program Entry Form
Dress Code Policy
Employee Suggestions Policy
Employment of Relatives Policy
Examinations of Records Policy
Inspection of Property Policy
Reference Release Form
Reference Request Policy
Smoking Policy
Telephone Usage Policy
Employee Rights - Employee Polygraph Protection Act
Employee Rights for Workers with Disabilities (Paid at Special Minimum Wage)
Employee Rights under the Davis-Bacon Act
Employee Rights under the FLSA (Federal Minimum Wage) Poster
Employee Rights under the FMLA
Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) Poster
Equal Employment Opportunity Poster
OSHA - It's the Law Poster
Your Rights under USERRA
Employee Exit Checklist
Employee Exit Interview (Option 1)
Employee Exit Interview (Option 2)
Employee Separation Summary
Layoff and Recall Policy
Termination Policy
Telecommuting agreement
Telecommuting checklist
Telecommuting policy
FFCRA Leave Policy
FFCRA Poster
FFCRA Request for Leave of Absence (FMLA)
FFCRA Request for Leave of Absence (Non-FMLA)
Communicable Diseases Policy
Shutdown Policy
Stay Home From Work Poster
Wash Your Hands Poster
Form I-9 (2020)
Form I-9 Instructions (2020)
Form W-4 (2020)
Sample Notice of Special Enrollment Rights
I-9 Form (2017 -2019)
Laner Muchin
Laner Muchin, Ltd. is one of the oldest and largest law firms in the country concentrating exclusively in representing employers in the field of labor, employment law, business immigration and employee benefits. Established in 1945 by one of the drafters of the law which eventually became the National Labor Relations Act and the first head of the legal staff of the National Labor Relations Board’s Chicago Regional Office, the Firm currently provides a full range of labor and employment services to a large and diverse public and private sector client base. We represent our clients in litigation before federal and state trial and appellate courts and administrative agencies. We also provide advice and counsel with respect to all applicable labor and employment laws, matters involving labor unions and a broad range of human resources and personnel issues.  We also offer comprehensive services relating to employee benefit plans, as well as a full range of business immigration services.
Polsinelli is proud to work with the American Chamber of Commerce Resources to produce the Kansas Human Resources Manual: A Guide to Kansas and Federal Employment Laws and Regulations, Model Policies and Forms for Illinois Employers and the Missouri HR Library. Our firm’s national reach includes two Kansas offices – one in Overland Park and one in Topeka – that have grown to support our many Kansas clients. Our presence in the region is further strengthened by our headquarters in Kansas City, which offers the collective services of more than 40 attorneys committed solely to the practice of labor and employment law. Nationwide, the firm has more than 650 attorneys in 17 cities stretching from New York to Los Angeles, including offices in Phoenix, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Chattanooga, St. Louis and Kansas City. With more than 50 areas of practice, our attorneys possess the breadth of experience and depth of talent to guide diverse clients through legal complexities at every stage of their organization’s life cycle. In every matter, our goal is to provide advice that is both direct and practical. We also endeavor to understand your business, which we believe is critical in offering advice within your unique context. For more information, please visit Information in this publication: Polsinelli PC has written this material for informational purposes only. The material provided herein is general and is not intended to be legal advice. Nothing herein should be relied upon or used without consulting a lawyer to consider your specific circumstances, possible changes to applicable laws, rules and regulations and other legal issues. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

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