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Coronavirus in the Workplace and Families First Coronavirus Response Act


In addition to the topics listed below, we provide detailed guidance on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which will impose sweeping changes to an employer’s obligations in the face of the COVID-19 national emergency, including a new paid sick leave mandate, an expansion of the Family and Medical Leave Act that includes a separate paid leave mandate, and tax credits for employers to cover the cost of such leave.

Mark J. Swerdlin and Fiona Ong, our author for the Maryland Human Resources Manual provide practical guidance to business owners, management and HR professionals on an employer’s legal obligations regarding issues such as:

  • Responsibility for infection prevention and remediation in the workplace

  • Employee travel – both work-related and personal

  • Medical examinations and clearances

  • Leave and telecommuting

  • Pay requirements during employee absences/quarantines/office closures

  • Unionized workforce issues

  • Addressing employee concerns

  • Developing and implementing a Coronavirus plan

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