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Wages and Hours — An Employer's Guide employment law image, remote work, labor laws, employment laws, right to work, order of protection, minimum wage

Wages and Hours — An Employer's Guide

The Department of Labor estimates that nearly 70% of employers are in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). With fines and penalties, small errors in wage and hour administration can quickly snowball into embarrassing and expensive situations for your company. When to pay, who to pay, how much to pay – there are so many questions that employers have to answer. 

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This manual focuses on all of these wage-related issues, providing 20 chapters and 2 appendices, covering topics such as: 

Covered and exempt employees
• Exempt vs. non-exempt employees
• Classifying trainees and interns
• Commonly asked questions and answers 

Determining work time
• Defining “hours worked”
• Rest and meal periods
• How to record work time

Overtime compensation
• Computation of overtime compensation
• Exemptions from overtime
• Unauthorized overtime

In addition to in-depth material concerning the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), this guide is complete with state-by-state charts breaking down specific, local regulations. Check out tables detailing:

• State minimum wage amounts
• State payment of wages (including payment of final wages)
• State direct deposit regulations

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