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In-depth HR guides to Florida and federal employment law, policies and form templates in two soft-cover books. Includes what to do and how to do it for everything from pre-hire through post-termination, policies and form templates that you can use as-is or customize, updated online access, email notifications, a weekly e-newsletter, and FREE access to a year of hrsimple webinars ($120 value).

Florida Employment Law Manual: In-depth HR guide to Florida and Federal employment law in one soft-cover book. Inludes what to do and how to do it for everything from pre-hire through post termination. The manual also includes online access to not only the book itself, but customizable policies and forms unique to Florida! 

Employment Verification: Completing the I-9 Form is a crucial step in the employment process. If you have ever asked questions such as:

  • Where do I get the I-9 Form? (The newly updated form is up on hrsimple.com!)
  • How can I be sure that I am filling the form out correctly? 
  • What do I do if an immigration officer has a warrant for the arrest of an emloyee? 

This manual will solve all those questions for you!

Your purchase also includes: online access to both books, a weekly e-newsletter on all updates, and FREE entry to all hrsimple.com webinars which are worth 1 HRCI credit and 1 SHRM credit each for the next year ($120 value)!

Florida HR Library was created in collaboration with Gunster, and authored by David A. Selden, Edward (Ed) Suarz-Solar, Joseph G. Santoro, Julie A. Pace.


HRsimple is the latest update to the Florida Employment Law Manual, which has been a part of the Florida Chamber and helping Florida employers manage their most important resource – their employees – for more than 25 years.

Mark Wilson, President and CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce, Tallahassee, Florida

I have used your books for over 10 years now, and they have always helped me tremendously as an accurate and trustworthy reference tool.

Carla M. Butts, PHR, Human Resources Manager, Hospice of Citrus County, Beverly Hills, Florida

I enjoy the fact that I can use the ACCR Human Resources Manual to find quick answers to the plethora of complicated employment laws and regulation without having to search the Internet. Having this information at my fingertips makes life much easier.

Shane Brown, MS, HAS, Assistant Administrator, Sterling-Rock Falls Clinic, Sterling, Florida

The publications that you provide allow us to keep up to date on the latest best practices. In our busy lives it’s refreshing to go to a resource that you can trust.

Rosanna Matucan-Carson, SPHR, GPHR
, Manager, Human Resources
, Bausch & Lomb, Clearwater, Florida

As an HR professional, I rely on resources to provide me with accurate and up to date information. In 2010, as a new resident to the state of Florida, I needed to have a resource guide to bring me up to speed on Florida’s laws. I found the Florida Employment Law Manual very useful. The Florida Employment Law Manual became a tool that I found myself referring to as my first point of reference. The manual made my transition to Florida and its laws an easy transition.

Danylle Reynolds, Human Resources Director, ResCare, Florida

I like your books because they are written in layman terms, are well laid out, and are a terrific reference too. I primarily use the Florida Employment Law Manual. To date I have not had a topic or issue that I could not find in the book.

Donna Schultz, PHR, Human Resources Director, ICx Imaging Systems, Apopka, Florida

I have been using the Florida Employment Law Manual for several years and have been extremely pleased with the ease of use and the time that it saves. I keep the book on my desk and it is usually worn out before time to renew. The Florida Employment Law Manual and the Model Policies and Form for Florida Employers are and will remain a number one source of information for me.

Sharon Jones, Human Resources Director, The City of Palmetto, Palmetto, Florida

It is seldom the time in my professional career I come across great products, great customer service and fabulous personalities. I have ordered your books as resources and reference materials for the last four years and have been a great information tool for our agency. HR Simple Online Tool has been filled with informative resources, legal and current descriptions and forms that are updated every year depending on the governmental or DOL’s rules and changes. Recently, I had the fun-filled experience of speaking to your staff and spoke with Paula who knows HRsimple very well and assisted me with the information I was looking for.

Zoraida Seguinot, Human Resources Manager, Human Resources & Risk Management, Florida

Our company does not have an official Human Resources Department. I have what is known as *hands on* H.R. training. Your human resource publications have guided me through many issues such as I-9, FMLA and policy book. The money I spend for the publications each year have more than paid for themselves.

Keith W. Brown, VP Marketing and Human Resources, S&S Food Stores, Lake City, Florida

I have been in Human Resources for over 30 years.  "Performance Management Strategies: Finding Common G.R.O.U.N.D." was one of the best presented, arranged, and informative webinars I have ever participated in.  I wish my whole crew of supervisors and managers could have participated in it.  However, with the information I received and the way it was laid out, I hope that I will be able to mock the presentation for them. You and Jamie did an excellent job in presenting this in a clear, distinctive way that was interesting and was never boring. 

Dena Smith, Heartland EMS, Inc.

hrsimple.com is a must-have not only for HR professionals in the state, but for labor and employee relations professionals, employment lawyers and small business owners. It is comprehensive in scope, addressing the many legal and compliance issues that face employers from recruiting to retirement. Yet, despite the wide range of issues covered, and the complexity of those issues, information is easy to find and comprehend, avoiding much of the legal-speak that can often be difficult to interpret.

John A. Challenger, Chief Executive Officer, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

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Topics covered

Florida Employment Law Manual

About the firm

About the contributors

Foreword from the Florida Chamber of Commerce

Features of the HR Library

Chapter 01: Snapshot – An HR audit

Chapter 02: Compliance thresholds

Chapter 03: Recruiting and hiring

Chapter 04: Background checks

Chapter 05: Immigration

Chapter 06: Temporary and leased employees

Chapter 07: Independent contractors

Chapter 08: Restrictive covenants, trade secrets and confidential information

Chapter 09: Policies and procedures

Chapter 10: Wages and hours

Chapter 11: Child labor

Chapter 12: Discrimination

Chapter 13: Disabilities and reasonable accommodations

Chapter 14: Workplace harassment

Chapter 15: Benefits

Chapter 16: Health insurance reform

Chapter 17: Family and medical leave

Chapter 18: Military leave

Chapter 19: Other types of leave

Chapter 20: Performance evaluations

Chapter 21: Personnel files

Chapter 22: Employee grievances and workplace investigations

Chapter 23: Discipline

Chapter 24: Termination

Chapter 25: Plant closings and mass layoffs

Chapter 26: Health insurance continuation coverage

Chapter 27: Unemployment compensation

Chapter 28: Whistleblower protections

Chapter 29: Privacy rights

Chapter 30: Health insurance portability and privacy

Chapter 31: Protecting electronic information

Chapter 32: Social media

Chapter 33: Safety and health

Chapter 34: Workplace violence

Chapter 35: Workers’ compensation

Chapter 36: Politics in the workplace

Chapter 37: Celebrations in the workplace

Chapter 38: Federal contractors and affirmative action

Chapter 39: Public employers

Chapter 40: Unions

Chapter 41: Disaster planning

Chapter 42: Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

Chapter 43: Diversity in the workplace

Chapter 44: Telecommuting

Chapter 45: Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Chapter 46: Pandemic outbreaks

Appendix A: Recordkeeping requirements

Appendix B: Posting requirements

Employment Verification: Immigration, Form I-9 and E-Verify

About the Cavanagh Law Firm PA

About the Editors

Chapter 01: Snapshot - An HR audit

Chapter 02: Immigration and employment

Chapter 03: Immigration visas

Chapter 04: Form I-9

Chapter 05: Tips to complete the Form I-9

Chapter 06: Conducting internal audits

Chapter 07: Expired documents and the I-9 form

Chapter 08: Anti-discrimination provisions

Chapter 09: Electronic completion and storage of Form I-9

Chapter 10: No-match letter and wage reporting compliance

Chapter 11: Additional verification services

Chapter 12: Investigations

Chapter 13: IMAGE program

Chapter 14: Responding to visits and calls regarding immigration

Chapter 15: E-Verify

Chapter 16: E-Verify regulations for federal contractors and subcontractors

Chapter 17: Helpful steps to comply with E-Verify requirements

Chapter 18: Criminal enforcement and I-9 audits

Appendix A: Sample memorandum